Microsoft Releases Video Demos To Show Off New Features In Windows 8.1 Update (Video)

Microsoft today released Windows 8.1 Update for Windows 8.1 users. This Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update include improvements to make Windows more familiar and convenient for devices that use keyboard and mouse input. Also this update includes security and performance updates, and they must be installed for your PC to receive any future security updates for Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1. You can find details on how to download here.

Also, Microsoft posted the change log for consumers in this update along with tutorial videos. Find them below.

  • Power and Search buttons on the Start screen. These buttons appear in the upper-right corner of the Start screen next to your account picture. You’ll be able to quickly and easily shut down your PC or search for things right from Start. (Some types of PCs don’t have the Power button on Start. You can shut down your PC using the Power button in the Settings charm instead.)  For more info, see Shut down (turn off), sleep, or hibernate your PC and How to search.
  • All open and pinned apps appear in the taskbar. If you like using the desktop, you’ll see both desktop apps and apps from the Windows Store in your taskbar when they’re running. You can also pin any app to the taskbar so you can quickly open or switch between apps from the desktop. For more info, see How to use the taskbar.
  • Access the taskbar from anywhere. When you’re using a mouse, you can see the taskbar from any screen, including Start or a Windows Store app. Move your mouse pointer below the bottom edge of the screen to show the taskbar and then click an app to open or switch to it.
  • Go to the desktop when you sign in, instead of Start. If you spend more time in the desktop, you can sign in (boot) directly to the desktop instead of the Start screen. And if you want to sign in to Start instead, you can change this setting at any time. For more info, see Desktop.
  • The Minimize button, Close button, and taskbar are more available with your mouse. Your mouse works more consistently anywhere in Windows. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to see Close and Minimize buttons in any app. Move your mouse down to the bottom of the screen to see the taskbar from anywhere in Windows.  For more info, see How do I close an app? and How to use the taskbar.
  • Right-click an app tile to see more options. If you’re using a mouse and you right-click a tile on Start, you’ll see a context menu next to the tile that shows what you can do with the tile.
  • Discover apps in new ways. The Windows Store is pinned to Start and to your taskbar by default, so you can easily discover new apps.  When you use the Search charm, Bing Smart Search includes apps in the suggestions and the search results.
  • Remember what apps you recently installed. After  you install new apps, Start includes a message in the lower-left corner of the screen, pointing you to the Apps view so you can see what you recently installed.

The new Windows is all about you and the way you work. Your Start screen has all of the information that matters most to you. The Windows apps power your through essential tasks. With the new Windows, you can find things fast, switch between apps, and get things done more efficiently on your device. Learn about Windows 8.1 basics in this video.

Windows is all about you and the stuff you love. Resize and group tiles to keep people, sites, and apps in perfect order. Change your Start screen background to fit your personality, or coordinate with a company color scheme. No matter what your style is, your Start screen is a perfect reflection of you.

The desktop you are used to — with its familiar folders and icons — is still here, it’s actually better than before, with a new task manager and streamlined file management. And you can always get to your desktop—and back to your Start screen again—with a tap or click. Learn the desktop basics and how to boot directly to the desktop in this video.

No matter where you are in Windows, the five charms — Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings — provide easy access to common tasks and are quick ways to get to actions you do often, like search the web and your PC, print documents, and email photos and links to your colleagues. The five charms are always available from the right side of your screen.

  • counterblow

    I’m guessing we would be able to make some of this crap go away. I don’t want the power and search icons cluttering up my screen.

    • badshar

      Two buttons clutter your screen? So you people have problems when essential shortcuts (like power and search) are not right there in front of you, but then you people have problem again when they are in front of you? Choose one and stick to it.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Yet they still haven’t pre-installed the Windows Essentials, on my Father’s P.C. Windows Live Mail won’t start, it keeps claiming that some components make it incompatible, if only it could be updated via Windows Update. :-(

    • Marcus Bastian

      Un- and reinstalled Mail?

    • Wtechrover

      On my Father’s PC Windows Live Mail works just fine.
      Uninstall en reinstall and everything should be up and running again.

  • WW

    Why not have an X in the charms bar to close apps using touch? It would be superior in speed than swiping top to bottom, especially in portrait orientation.

  • ejackjavier

    Still no Start Menu! Fu*kin stupid!

    • Johnny

      You’re obviously uninformed. They’re bringing that very soon in another update. They even showed a demo of it.

  • WinMetro

    That guy in the video sounds like a old person.

  • TryllZ

    Will the 8.1 update 1 require activating windows again ?, any one ?

    • FateStayNight

      nope, it’s an update. Unless you’re using a pirate version of windows 8.1 then let us know how it turns out 😉

      • TryllZ

        No, it doesn’t required activation again, done and working…

  • WinMetro

    OK, If you are not fucking happy with Windows 8.1 Update then fuck out of here. This Update was brought to you by the new Windows management, Myerson & Belifore. The bitch who worked on Windows 8 & 8.1 RTM was Julie Larson Green so if you don’t like Windows 8.1 Update then you are supporting a bitch’s idea so get over your hatred of this update and enjoy all of the Desktop & Mouse & Keyboard loving features that are included (Metro apps in the taskbar, Power & Search buttons on the start screen and more.) Also, thank you Satya Nadella for sending Tami Reller back to the kitchen where she belongs. Let’s hope that Julie is also sent back to the kitchen where she belongs!

  • Johannespreekt

    Only have the X button in the upper right corner of the metro apps, no minimize button??
    And when I go to the bottom of my screen the task bar doesn’t appear??

    Anyone an idea what the reason of this can be?

    • tofferne

      You need to touch the red X before the blue shows up in the left side.