Microsoft Releases Wordament, The First Xbox Game With Achievements Support For iOS Devices

Microsoft yesterday released their Wordament game for iOS devices. Wordament was originally developed for Windows Phone devices and now Microsoft is porting them to other platforms as well. Its the first Xbox game for iOS that can earn up to 50 Gamerscore from 10 achievements and you’ll have access to all of your Xbox Friends and Wordament Frenemies.

App Description:

Do you have two minutes to spare? Wordament® is a unique and highly addictive word game: a two-minute long word tournament where you compete in real-time, on the same board, against everyone else currently playing. Each board is unique and alternating rounds offer challenges such as two- and three-letter digram tiles and theme* puzzles. You can choose to go for the bonus points, try to find the most words possible or earn scoring bonuses by finding longer words. How you play and choose to compete is up to you!

We love our player community and our players love their stats! So we track player progress by maintaining private statistics including your best word found, total score, best word count, first place finishes and the number of games you have completed. Public, real-time leader boards show you who’s rocking it for the day, hour and overall. Climb the ranks and earn achievements and bragging rights along the way!
Find the most words in the 4×4 Grid in 2 Minutes and see how you rank both by placement and percentile.

Keep an eye on players you admire or detest – simply tap a name in the results to add a player to your personal list of Frenemies™.
Real-time results include words you found and missed, words found per second, average word score, and average word length.
Everyone plays the same board, see how you rank.
Xbox enabled gives you access to Achievements, Leaderboards and your Friends!
Cross-platform gameplay on all supported platforms.
Will you be the Wordament champion? Download today and find out!
*Wordament supports 39 user interface languages; theme puzzles currently available only in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, & Dutch editions. More coming soon!

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • ekadoken

    no need for upgrade to Lumia 920, iPhone 5 FTW !!!

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      *rolling eyes*

      yeah because stupid games with 50 gamescore are an intelligent reason for someone to switch. but what can someone expect from internet with people like you? lol not much, really :)

      • XBLive

        No, but Xbox Live Achievements in a mobile phone looks like what you described. It’s one less advantage for Windows Phone compared with iOS and one more advantage for iOS compared with Android!

    • koenshaku

      Good luck with your new iPhone may you be blessed by many trendies in your upgrade.

  • ibsy

    facepalm, why would microsoft do this??? what is the point of wp if they are giving all their features to other platforms like office.

    • arrow2010

      Because Microsoft is a software company first.

      • koenshaku

        Yup, if there were a surface phone things would probaly be different.

        • Iain Simpson

          there will be a surface phone coming pretty soon.

    • Arag0n

      People won’t convert to WP for Wordament, but if people get use to play Wordament on iOS as their favourite game, they will less problems about switching WP later. No mater how many exclusivities WP has, the point remains that those games are not on iOS or Android and people can’t get addicted. MS only needs 5 or 10 games that everyone wants.

      • XBLA

        We don’t say Microsoft shouldn’t release Wordament for iOS. We are saying they shouldn’t have released the game with Xbox Live Achievements that are one of the few advantages of Windows Phone compared with iOS and Android.

  • LPHeadstrong

    One of the only things Windows Phone had that no one else did was Xbox achievements and now that’s available on iOS?

    My friend has an iPhone and going to switch to android. When I asked him if he’d consider WP8 he asked “what can it do that mine can’t?”. Now with this I honestly have no answer

    • Mythos88

      You can tell him that the Lumia 920 records stablized videos and low light shots better than anything on iOS or Android and records sound very well also.

      • arrow2010

        Also the PureMotion HD+ screen.

      • what?

        In my country, the Lumia 920 is the second most expensive phone (after the 32Gb iPhone). How can I recommend such a expensive phone when it’s only advantage compared to others is the camera (in video recording or low light conditions)? How does that make the L920 a winner when cheaper Android phones have better processors, more RAM, 1080p screens and much more apps?
        Microsoft is destroying every good exclusives we have in Windows Phone (like Office)! They could make Wordament for iOS but not with Xbox Live achievements…

        • koenshaku

          Well office will just be an add-on for those that have Office 365 subscibers. It will not be used otherwise, but yeah games do count for the majority of app revenue and microsoft knows this. This is inexcusable like porting halo to PS3 would be. Except microsoft does not have windows phone hardware so it doesn’t matter to them so much I suppose. I personally don’t play games on my phone, but %70+ percent of app revenue on windows phone being games says otherwise..

  • Ef Jay

    Brilliant! Now just needs office to be ported and WP will be able to boast on not one single unique feature over it’s competition. Way to grow the platform, Microsoft.

    • arrow2010

      The live tiles are a unique feature that neither iOS/Android will ever have.

      • not

        That exclusive is great but doesn’t seem to be working so far…

    • Iain Simpson

      WP users get the office experience included on our phones at no cost. I would imagine ios users will have to pay for it.

  • Arag0n

    this is quite a brilliant move. Think about it. Why people does not buy WP? Because the games they play are not available. Now, if MS succeeds to make their own the popular ones, don’t you think it will change the panorama? They need to step up and create the next age of empires of pc, the halo of consoles but for mobile, and tell to everyone that windows phone is the one that also have it.

  • bAN01TgAZ

    Why does MS continue to shoot itself in the foot?

    Achievements are a major selling point to the 360 gamer, what games has Apple ported to WP7/8 for our pleasure?

    • apple

      They could port Apple Maps xD

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    this game was one of the few reasons I chose windows phone over ios, now it seems the list of reasons shortens.

  • Mythos88

    As long as they will share the same leaderboard (are they?), this will extend the life of the game because it does require at least hundreds to be on any one time to be interesting.

    • Iain Simpson

      I cant believe so many are complaining about this, its nothing but a good thing lots more people to play with and more exposure for ms on what stuff they do offer on WP. The game is not new here and should not be an exclusive anymore. I would also imagine that ios users have pc’s too where now they can share the experience from the pc to there iphone.

  • AS147

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