Microsoft Remote Desktop App Reaches 1 Million Downloads On Android, iOS And Mac OS X

Remote Desktop iOS

Microsoft today announced that the total downloads of new Remote Desktop apps for iOS, Android and Mac OS X platforms have reached 1 million. Remote Desktop app will allow you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. It is built on top of the RemoteFX technology in Windows and the app is designed in a way to easily use your Windows device from anywhere.

As of this morning, after just a few days of availability, the Remote Desktop app has been downloaded, 1 million times!

Downloads have been steadily growing, and this is now the fastest growing Android app from Microsoft, ever.

This kind of adoption is exciting; the Remote Desktop App brings the dynamic experience of Windows to devices around the world.

Source: Microsoft

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  • Mohan

    No Support for Windows Phone.. Shame!!!

    • donzebe

      WP left in the cold, hope it comes soon.

  • Blinknfg41

    And 0 on Windows Phone. The exact reason i have decided to convert to the Dark Side (Android). If Microsoft can’t manage to get their own apps on their own struggling platform, that doesn’t inspire much confidence when it comes to getting third parties on board.

    • Pedro

      Ya, same here bro, I went to droid side a long time ago ’cause stupid MS doesn’t give a fuck about its own platform. I thought MS would support WP7 and WP8 properly but after years of ignorance I said F.U. MS and bought Galaxy Note, installed latest CM on it and I’m a happy camper now.

      Although, to be honest, recent bold move by MS with offering GDR3 directly to users without carrier shit kinda makes me reconsider… maybe I’ll move back later if MS stops this bullshit with ignoring its own platform.

  • efjay

    Yet the WP version is missing because its “a rare usage scenario” and here they are jumping for joy at the download numbers. Hypocrites.

    • nishan1501

      absolutely, they are just the biggest jokers in the world. They merely lack common sense. These people will for sure ruin Microsoft.

    • Amir

      use case 1 out of 2 million: User is having a drink with a mate, phone rings and boss says: hey site is down. options: 1. go home and fix it up by restarting the app pool 2. use the remote desktop on your WP and restart it in 2 min.

  • Habib Wakil

    It needs to be explained that Microsoft released this on iOS and Android for tablets, not phones! However, if you own an iPhone or Android phone you CAN download this app. Windows Phone 8/7 is not a tablet OS, also…Windows RT is the Windows tablet OS and they did release an app for it. The ‘rare use case scenario’ that they talk about is: Why would anybody want a remote desktop client on such a device as a phone which has such a small screen that it inherently makes the app hardly useless? I’m not saying they were right…a quick look a their own Windows Phone Store would reveal a number of Remote desktop apps…ConnectMe, SplashTop…to name a few. But it wasn’t so much trying to ignore Windows Phone as a platform, but was an attempt at Microsoft’s screwed up logic towards what is priority and what is not priority. What I don’t really get though, is that prioritizing is something that a company with limited resources should do, not a company with unlimited resources. Quite simple, Microsoft, release everything EVERYWHERE!

  • nishan1501

    It doesn’t work with my windows 8.1 pc. There is no remote desktop connection available for windows 8.1 version. Thus, it only works with earlier versions of windows but at least not windows 8.1. There could be one for 8.1 pro or enterprise or whatever shitty things.