Microsoft Research blowing minds at Thinking Digital

imageSteven Bathiche from the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft showed of some of the work Microsoft has been doing on the ultimate display at Thinking Digital  and appears to have had quite an impact in the audience there.

The video above shows what he has been working on, which is both creating control services everywhere and turning screens into windows onto other worlds.

Read more about the research at Microsoft here.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    I hope this video is old, so that they don’t give away what they are working on, and that there is a consumer device impementation not far away, other wise, cool but… now what?

    • Jessie Anderson

      It’s owned IP.
      And yes… it is old and was shown months and months ago.

  • Anonymous

    I like how he doesnt even give it a second thought how he has a transparent OLED screen