Microsoft Research Demos Future Of Digital Whiteboard With Vision-Enhanced Immersive Interaction

We all often use a whiteboard at work with a marker in our hands. Have you ever thought of having a huge digital whiteboard which can recognize you, respond to your gestures, etc,.? Microsoft Research project ViiBoard uses vision techniques to significantly enhance the user experience on large touch displays (e.g. Microsoft Perceptive Pixel) in two areas: human computer interaction and immersive remote collaboration.

ViiBoard is a system for remote collaboration through a digital whiteboard (PPI) that gives participants an immersive, 3-D experience with enhanced touch capability. ViiBoard emulates writing side by side on a physical whiteboard or, alternatively, on a mirror, through 3-D processing of depth images and life-sized rendering. Additional vision techniques, such as hand-gesture recognition, are integrated to understand users’ intentions before they touch the board, simplifying the interaction with a PPI, especially for content editing and presenting. Compared with standard video conferencing, the ViiBoard provides participants with a better ability to estimate their remote partners’ eye-gaze direction, gesture direction, and intention. These capabilities translate into a heightened sense of being together and a more realistic experience.

Watch the video demo above. Read more about this project here.

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    This IS cool :)

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    Very cool

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    The ending is so Cool

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    add some holographic projects on screen. touch screens are boring. interactive holograms ftw