Microsoft Research Launches HereHere Local Service In NYC

Microsoft Research’s Future Social Experiences Labs (FUSE Labs) today announced their latest project called HereHere. This project focuses on driving hyperlocal, real-world engagement to encourage civic discourse. HereHere’s goals are to study how characterization can be a tool for data engagement. At the same time, researchers want to understand what sort of light, daily rituals are effective for connecting people to hyperlocal issues, as well as how to create compelling stories with data that can engage larger communities.

“HereHere NYC introduces daily neighborhood engagement with a light touch,” London says. “It takes neighborhood-specific public data, and it enables the neighborhoods to communicate how they’re doing—expressed through text and cartoonlike icons. People can receive the information via a daily email digest, neighborhood-specific Twitter feeds, or status updates on an online map. We want to understand how it changes or impacts the way people relate to their community when they can interact with data in this way.”

HereHere is a research project from FUSE Labs, Microsoft Research that explores:

  • Creating compelling stories with data to engage larger communities
  • Inventing daily rituals for connecting to the hyperlocal
  • Using characterization as a tool to drive data engagement

Read more about it here.

  • ZloiYuri

    The most problem of Microsoft is not to use brilliant ideas they grown in Research division. It’s must be proud of MS and a lokomotive of motion into future. But they shown off ideas and forget them. ICE one of the best stitching software, but it’s not in development for many years. Socl? No info and promo. The only thing they needed for success – is tighten with OneDrive. Nobody care. Photosynth? Still in underground. Etc etc etc. Hope they will USE all brilliant ideas they invented. Otherwise all of them will use others. Like multitouch used by Apple. Or eye lens for diabetics control invented in MsR but catched by fuuugle.

  • Jimmineyyy

    This is cool!! And I like how it’s fitting to HERE services too hehe :-)