Microsoft Research Shows Dual Views On Our Normal LCD Displays

We have seen many interesting projects from Microsoft Research in the past and now you can add this project to the list as well. This is an interesting project which enables dual views in our normal LCD displays which we use everyday. This will enable new kind of scenarios where two person can share the same screen and enjoy different content. For example, two players can play games with their own views on the same screen. Read more on it from the link below.


  • Anonymous

    Oh really? As usual Apple will release it first.

  • Anonymous

    This is incredibly cool. I can’t wait to see everything that can be done thanks to this tech.

  • Kitab

    “Thankyou M$£, that’s great for our next iViewDuo device. Keep up the good work, and we’ll show U how to monetize on You good research stuff!
    Yours truely, iPPles inc.”

  • Anonymous

    I could hardly get past the music.. had to mute it to enjoy.

  • Paul Renda

    For a Microsoft specific website… there are a lot of envious iTwats around!! I wonder why they even bother coming to a MS site… is that their iApp£e is not coming out with anything innovative?? 

    PS: Apple fan boys.. really loved the iPad… 3? or wait.. is it 2? I can’t seem to see the difference between both. :-)

  • Marcelo

    I own a Tm2, can you guys please release the “3D plugin” download for an in-depth evaluation?  😉

  • Eric

    This is absolutely amazing, please release it to the public!

    Couldn’t the same tech also be used to improve viewing angles on TN panels, by displaying the same image “in both directions”?

    I also own an HP tm2, and the poor viewing angles are a major annoyance for use as a tablet.