Microsoft Research Shows Off A See Through 3D Desktop

Microsoft Research is back in full form with its futuristic demos. After the Holoflector demo, Microsoft at its annual TechForum conference demoed its work on a concept similar to 3D Desktop. It has the ability to manipulate objects that lie behind the transparent screen – as well as objects on the screen with something called “view-dependent, depth-corrected gaze”. I don’t think I will be able to explain the whole concept in a clear way, just watch the video above.

Amazing stuff !

via: Microsoft/Next

  • Tuan Desomer-Chu

    MS Research is awesome

    • Monkey D Black

      MS research is AWESOMERRR

      • Donkey E White


  • Anonymous

    Das ist interessant!

    • Lukas Greb


  • Alphamax

    What a beatiful french accent :p (From France)

  • Mally

    Looks awesome!   Unfortunate that the process of having to reach awkwardly under the screen to operate it doesn’t look very ergonomic though.

  • Anonymous

    looks great.