Microsoft Research Site Leaks Possible Office Touch For Windows UI, Touch Optimized Outlook Is Also Coming

Office touch excel

A Microsoft Research project titled ‘Great Inking’ became public on the web recently. It reveals that Microsoft has formed a cross-division inking team that will devise a unified inking strategy for Microsoft. The project has revealed no.of upcoming Office touch UI for Windows. You can see the Excel UI in the image above.

In late 2013 and early 2014 Office, Surface, and Windows formed a Cross-Group Inking team to explore One Microsoft needs for a unified approach to inking. In this session Tucker Hatfield presents details about the Cross-Group effort and their conclusions of what is needed for first-class inking and Will Vong shows visionary ways in which these needs might be met with inking features.

Check out Outlook and Word Touch UI below.
Office touch Outlook Office touch word

Source: WalkingCat

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I hope that Microsoft Office (a stripped down free Windows Store version) will be bundled with the next iteration of Windows, the G.U.I. looks amazing, they should also update the Windows Phone version to match this. 😀

    • ZloiYuri

      Yes, Outlook is amazing. I wanna Skype the same!!!

  • TheCyberKnight

    Typical Office division. Can’t leverage existing UX, they have to do their own. They trying to find a compromise between the desktop UX and “Modern” by creating this pseudo menu bar.
    They’re bastardizing the “Modern” UX.

    • James

      Umm… these are really old pre-alpha builds. If you watched the BUILD conference they showed an alpha version with the proper UI. These are just builds from the developers without the actual UI involvements. Tired of you pasting the same “basterdizing” comment in every post.

      • TheCyberKnight

        I did watch build. Meanwhile, if you look at the latest Windows Store UX, they did exactly what is shown in these slides : a fake menu bar that persist in its visible state. Not a good sign.

        The Modern UX style guide precisely created swipe-to-show menus to keep the application area maximize and uncluttered.

        I am disappointed to see that this could be an upcoming trend at Microsoft to make Modern more “acceptable” to die-hard desktop users that keep complaining about the new UX.

        As for my choice of words in several posts, I’ll stay polite and tell you that I appreciate you read my comments and take the time to reply.

  • eduardopl

    I’m already in love with my surface rt. When msft release this version of office, I will love it more.

  • James

    FYI – These are screenshots from OLD pre-alpha builds… before the UI designers are actually involved. The BUILD conference showed something more closer to the real thing. If anything, these screenshots only show where they started from and the cool inking features./