Microsoft Research Supports White House Climate Data Initiative With Windows Azure And Others

Microsoft White House Climate Data Initiative

Microsoft Research has announced a special Climate Data award program, which offers scientists and decision-makers 12 months of free Windows Azure cloud-computing resources.This program was launched as en effort to support White House’s Climate Action Plan to help predict and address the impacts of climate change. Microsoft will be awarding this grants to 40 awardees selected from proposals submitted by June 15, 2014.

Each award provides up to 180,000 hours of cloud-computing time and 20 terabytes of cloud storage.

Apart from this, Microsoft will also be helping the Climate Action Plan by providing FetchClimate and other Microsoft Business Intelligence tools to researchers around the world.

To further promote resilience to the impacts of climate change, Microsoft commits to make FetchClimate available for adoption. FetchClimate is available to all researchers—not just the award recipients—as a fast, free, intelligent environmental information-retrieval service that provides past and present observational data and climate prediction information. Microsoft will provide the FetchClimate cloud-based system for re-implementation and adaptation to the specific needs of new projects.

Microsoft Research is also dedicated to sharing the powerful business intelligence tools built into the Microsoft technology platform. These tools support data self-service, analysis, visualization, and security, connecting decision makers to the information streams that will be forthcoming in response to the White House’s call to action through its Climate Data Initiative. Like FetchClimate, these business intelligence tools are available to everyone, not just the Climate Data awardees.

View more information on the award proposal process.

Source: Microsoft

  • viipottaja

    Great to see MS support this effort!

  • robertwade

    Wow, if THAT isn’t a publicity stunt for a made-up problem. Sheesh.

    • pdouglas

      A political interest, pays a whole ecosystem of scientists lots of money to prove its agenda, and we are supposed to believe them? Scientific proof of man made climate change, is about as credible as tobacco industry funded scientific proof, that smoking does not cause cancer and other health problems.

      If the above is not enough, they have stopped calling the phenomenon global warming, because everyone is freezing his tail off. So now we are supposed to believe that our earth, which has experienced changes in climate for millions of years, owes its current set of changes this time around, to mankind, which just so happens to line up with the political interests of the financial backers of this study. Sigh.