Microsoft Responds To AV-Test’s Results On Security Essentials And Forefront

AV-Test regularly publishes independent tests of anti-virus software and awards “AV-Test Certified” status. AV-Test recently published the results of antimalware vendor testing, and they didn’t grant Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection their “AV-Test Certified” status.

Microsoft today responded to AV-Test’s results and confirmed that both its security products are secure enough to protect most of the malware.

This post reviews AV-Test’s results and their approach. In-depth details are provided below, but here are some key upfront data points to keep in mind:

  1. AV-Test reports on samples hit/missed by category. We report (and prioritize our work) based on customer impact.
  2. AV-Test’s test results indicate that our products detected 72 percent of all “0-day malware” using a sample size of 100 pieces of malware. We know from telemetry from hundreds of millions of systems around the world that 99.997 percent of our customers hit with any 0-day did not encounter the malware samples tested in this test.
  3. AV-Test’s test results indicate that our products missed 9 percent of “recent malware” using a sample size of 216,000 pieces of malware. We know from telemetry that 94 percent of these missed malware samples were never encountered by any of our customers.


We continually evaluate and look at ways to improve our processes. We know from feedback from customers that industry testing is valuable, and their tests do help us improve. We’re committed to reducing our 0.0033 percent margin to zero.

Read their full response from the link below.

Source: Microsoft, AV-Test

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    I use these products in the office and at home, over 100 workstations, since their inception and we’ve never encountered a single problem with it. And I’ve never had to deal with update or management issues like I did on a weekly basis with the other products we used before we started using it. I highly recommend it to my users, who have never come to me with issues about it as well. I haven’t had to deal with infection issues for years now and man I sure have some terribly burned in memories of a time when I used to troubleshoot those problems often.