Microsoft Responds To Customer Queries Related To New Surface Pro


Microsoft Surface team today answered no.of queries related to the new Surface Pro on Reddit. Questions ranged from the new connector at the bottom of the Surface Pro to why there is low out-of-the box storage and more.

On Display scaling issues,

The Windows team is aggressively working on this feature to fix this for all high resolution Windows devices. We don’t have a date yet to share, so sorry. But in the meantime here are some things I do to maximize my external monitor experience..

On low out-of-the box storage,

Hello from the surface team We designed Surface Pro (and the allocation of disk space on our systems) to have the power of full Windows 8, the ability to have a simplified and fast upgrade to full Office and the confidence of a recovery image already available on your device.   Beyond the flexibility and confidence this provides, we also include an ability to extend your storage via microSDXC, USB 3.0 and SkyDrive (including 7GB of free storage).  Windows does provide tools that allow you to free space by easily removing applications you are not using as well as move the recovery image to a USB thumbdrive.

EDIT UPDATE: We decided to ship a Pro 64GB sku as it provides full windows 8 and enough storage for a number of large application installs such as games, productivity apps etc.  which usually run in the multiple GBs.  It also provides you flexibility to extend storage should you need.  If you plan to carry more personal items with you locally, our 128GB may be the better option for you.

why the decision to go with the displayport output instead of full hdmi?

Hi, this is Ed from the hardware development team. Displayport on Pro can drive an external monitor with resolutions up to 2560x1600p. We wanted to give the most flexibility with monitors available today, and generally speaking most HDMI monitors are limited to 1080p.

On the new connectors on the bottom of the Surface Pro,

Wow – I’m pumped you caught that – we haven’t announced what they are for but they aren’t an accident!  At launch we talked about the “accessory spine” and hinted at future peripherals that can click in and do more.  Those connectors look like can carry more current than the pogo pins, don’t they?

On 4 to 5 hours of battery life,

Awesome question.  The product was designed to take full advantage of Windows 8 coupled with the Ivy Bridge core processor from Intel.  We created a product that did not compromise speed, performance in any way.  With that, we wanted to be the best notebook/laptop product in its class, but still deliver you the tablet form factor.  This product is optimized in every way to take advantage of the full third generation core i5 it runs, yet give the best battery life.  If you compare it to say a MacBook Air, you will quickly see that pound for pound in battery size vs battery life, you will find optimizations that puts Surface best in its class.

That said we picked a smaller battery to be sure we were able to give you the same performance and to keep it thin.  This kept the weight under 2lbs, and still kept it thin enough to take advantage of our great Windows work for inking and give you a great inking experience (like pressure sensitive inking, ability to do kanji, great sketching).  While these tradeoffs are challenges as much as they are opportunities, we think given the performance and experience you will be getting, it is an exciting product.

Does Microsoft have any plans for an external battery or for a thicker keyboard cover that has an extra battery?

That would require extending the design of the accessory spine to include some way to transfer higher current between the peripheral and the main battery.  Which we did…

Read it in detail here. 

  • guest

    Useful event overall and timely given some of the negativity flowing out of last night’s review. Didn’t agree with all the answers but at least you realize they didn’t ignore issues and instead made conscious trade offs But I’m always amazed at how these types of events act as magnets for every MS hater in the universe. At least 20% of the comments are people who couldn’t care less about Surface and are just using this as the latest opportunity to crap all over the company. Sad.

  • Alexander Nevrmind

    I am still debating on getting the Surface Pro, just do not want to buy version 1 and a newer comes out by the Summer.

    • NegLewis

      Me too… usually v5.3 it’s a good version.

      Let’s wait together. Shall we?


  • bhss

    Sorry but owning a MacBook Air, I know the battery life thing is a load of rubbish, I get 6 hours battery on a bad day, and that’s a proper laptop computer, not a tablet. Was really awaiting to reserve a Surface Pro, but its been bad news since launch, thought things would be different than RT. Surface failing, Windows Phone not taking off, most hate Windows 8, good year to be Microsoft eh!

    • Magicrobots

      I’ve got an Air also, and it depends completely on how you’re using, what your brightness settings are, etc. Sometimes I get 4 hours out of my MBA, sometimes 6. I am not looking at this battery situation as a fail, I have a feeling people are blowing it way, WAY out of proportion. I’d love to set up the Air side by side with the Surface Pro and let them run the same application until their batteries die; I’m guessing they will be closer than we think.

    • Kyle K

      It’s not a load as a number of testings and reviews show between 4-6 hrs for MB Air. The Surface Pro is a proper laptop computer, with full windows, that can also be used as a tablet. The following is why Surface Pro is better:

      1) Longer / Comparable battery life and best in class with Ultrabooks.
      2) 1080p resolution while MB Air is 1376×768
      3) Surface (2lbs) is Lighter than MB Air (2.4lbs)

      4) Surface is thinner than MB Air
      5) $100 cheaper than MB Air and has same ram and CPU.
      6) Has a Wacom pen and capacitive touch / MB Air is a no go.

      Better than a tablet bc:
      1) I can do work on it and actually do everything my laptop does and more
      2) USB 3.0 for storage or transferring files (Yes you can store any file you want on it
      3) No stupid sync feature with a iCrap program to a full computer
      4) It’s almost 10x faster in every application than an iPad. BOOM!

      Why is everyone trying to compare this to a tablet. It’s not a tablet it’s an ultrabook that is so thin, portable, and touch sensitive that it can be used as tablet as well. Why only talk about how it doesn’t have the battery life of an iPad and talk about how I can actually do photoshop and productive business work on the Pro while I just check email and play angry birds on the other for $699 with 64 Gb. Oh and if I want to transfer files I have to connect it to a real computer with iTunes.

  • SagetB

    I think its good for a company to be open like this, and I am glad MSFT was though I always wonder how much of this is a marketing stent where the company itself is asking the questions so they can put in their canned answers. It like reviews on Amazon or Best Buy where you can tell a company is doing the reviews not real people.

  • Tuan Tu Luc

    I have a wonder, as a details from Surface Pro! Maybe, Do you think that Surface Pro will be more perfect if you add a 3G/4G feature on it!