Microsoft Responds To Google’s Comments On Microsoft-Samsung Patent Deal


Just after few minutes of Google’s response to Microsoft-Samsung patent deal, Frank.X.Shaw, from corporate communications for microsoft just tweeted the above response to them.

One word: “Waaaah”.

Lets the conversations begin ! ! !

  • Anonymous

    “Waaaah” = PRICELESS!

    • Anonymous

      my favorite part is the xbox live avatar. it basically shows that an attitude of “i dont give a f*** what you think” LOL

  • Milad Bazzaz


  • Alvaro Osvaldo López-García

    Come on guys, take this as a soap opera. It’s funny and better, it’s free to watch!

  • Anonymous

    Buying a smartphone OS: $50M USD

    Using patented intellectual property: $15 USD per device sold by your most important partners.

    Being dissed by a 6-character word: Priceless.

  • Jonny Rose

    This is one of many reasons why I like the new Microsoft

    • rsgx

      Hell yeah.

      They’ve definitely taken a turn for the better.

  • Gregory MacGregor

    I think Google just got Windows PWNED

  • Anonymous

    Superb. It is priceless.

  • Oshalabi9

    I am not sure after the firing of the other guy commenting on nokia this tweet and social messaging one would have to be careful what to say. But I sometimes wonder why Microsoft doesn’t go after google instead of the oem’s?

    • John

      Because Google is offering it free (that’s how it looks like) and they make money from advertising and other stuff they push to poor Android users and stealing their data as well.

      OEMs make product which they sell and make money from it so it’s different case and since they make money Microsoft can sue them.

      Google tought they can just use Microsoft innovation and technology and make free money without paying anything to Microsoft (basically stealing) but they were dead wrong.

      • Anonymous

        As far as I am aware Microsoft have must admitted to taking data from every wp7 handset even if you opted out. What do you think Microsoft are doing with that data. Only a fool would believe Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are not recording your data in some form and using that data. That’s why we have so much free software yet these companies continue to make money. 

        If Google are stealing from Microsoft as you claim maybe you can tell me why Microsoft are not sueing them. 


    I tryed loading goggle crome. When I did it wiped out all my favorite tool bars.So I deleted it. then I found google tool bar and added it woow perfect.
    and google as my home page. Im gidy, thanks.