Microsoft Responds To Paying Developers For Developing Windows Store Apps

Windows Store

Microsoft last week launched a program where it will be paying developers upto $2000 for developing Windows Store and Windows Phone Store apps. This program raised some voice in the industry saying that such programs will lead to poor quality of apps filling up the Windows Store. Microsoft responded to this complaints with the following statement to ATD,

“We believe the best apps come from those partners who are invested in the platform and own their experience now and in the future,” Microsoft said. ” Of course, we are always working to spark creativity with new developer audiences and sometimes try limited incentives or contests, like Keep The Cash. However, it is not representative of an ongoing program.”


  • PhilipK

    Open to non US devs thx

    • inyourbase

      Pfft. This is Microsoft we’re talking about. The company that has no clue that there is a world beyond US borders, and that world actually has a LOT more money to spend as well.

    • Shane

      Developers in Australia can release apps on the Windows Store just fine. I suppose it depends on the country.

  • Eddie

    i own a lumia and i do notice the lack of apps compared to android. Having said that it doesn’t really affect me as all the apps i need i can find in the windows appstore. But this kind of move by microsoft will just backfire. I think microsoft just cares about the quantity than quality so they can brag how much apps has been added in a span of ,hmmm lets say a month. Why don’t you check the appstore microsoft and see how much crap there is right now, did you check? Good, because you’re gonna add a lot more with this promo of yours.

    • android

      Did you check the Google Play before writing that? Probably not.
      Try search for flashlight, lantern, lanterna, etc. in Google Play. You get at least 10.000 flashlight apps, thousands of them are just a white background. Also count the thousands of apps infected with Malware. We have some garbage in Windows Phone Marketplace and a very small amount of garbage in Windows Store but nothing compares to Android…

      • AndrewEvans01

        Can you list 10 “high quality” apps available on Windows Phone that aren’t available on Android? MS fanboys always seem to go on and on about Malware, but it isn’t the problem you make it out to be. Windows Phone has a severe app quality and quantity problem

  • harold1960

    I have no problem with it if it get developers to make more apps. Yeah there will be junk apps but if ten % are quality that’s ten percent more good apps than we had before. No one has to buy the crappy apps.. if one does then it must not be crappy for that person.

  • flinchböt

    I have 2 apps in WIndows Marketplace – Indianapolis News and Lync News. Neither of them make me any money yet I reach into my pocket to pay the $99 developer fee every year. I have an idea for a fun quality little app but quite honestly don’t feel the motivation to complete it. It’s about 66% done. Throwing $100 at me is probably enough motivation to get back at it and finish it over the next month or two.

    • share

      Share it when you are over. I’ll give it a try!

  • LoL

    If we get more crappy apps, it just make us closer to Android…

  • Brike

    If your app gets 50, 200 ratings, your $90 would extend to 18 months, 2 years.

    I think the real solution is to offer a cut on developer fees for people who develop high quality apps, engaging apps.

    Developer fees could be restructured to induce good quality apps.

    Right now, the main people taking the risks are the developers – Microsoft show good faith.

  • dada

    agreed on opening up worldwide