Microsoft Revamps OneNote App For iPhone With iOS 7 Design, Office Lens And More

Onenote for iOS Microsoft today released a major update for OneNote app for iPhone devices. The app design has been completely revamped to match the iOS 7 design principles, and it looks great. Microsoft has also added support for Office Lens which allows you to scan documents, whiteboards to your OneNote. Also, they have now added the ability to create new notebooks and sections from iPhone. Apart from this, they have also made some great performance improvements to the app.

  1. This update untethers OneNote for iPhone from the desktop with the ability to create new notebooks and sections. This means that you can now create a new notebook, share it with others, and get on the same page–all from the convenience of an iPhone.
  2. We’ve built Office Lens into OneNote for iPhone. Similar to Office Lens on OneNote for iPad, this popular feature turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner so you can use it to take pictures of things like receipts or whiteboard notes. Then, with Office Lens you can trim, enhance and make pictures more readable. Best thing is, images are automatically synced to OneNote, and if your picture includes printed text, OneNote can recognize the text with optical character recognition (OCR) so you can search for words in the image.
  3. We’ve dramatically improved the look and feel of OneNote on iOS 7, making note taking and navigation of your notes much more fluid and efficient.

Read about these new features in detail over at Office blog. Please make sure to update, or get started for free by downloading OneNote from the App Store. You also can visit to download OneNote on all your devices and learn more.

  • efjay

    Once again the WP version is crap compared to what competitors get. Useless company.

    • Bugbog

      How so, does the WP version not already have all these features?

    • James

      What? The OneNote app on WP is much more feature-rich than the iOS version and based on that screenshot the WP version looks sexier too. What are you even talking about?

      • Vasilis

        You cannot create notebooks in the WP version. You cannot create even sections. What are they thinking in Microsoft?

  • benjitek

    Pretty now, but Evernote still wins for group use — though OneNote is closing in. Unfortunately, this version won’t open embedded PDF files — a rather huge oversight that this wasn’t implemented many versions ago.

  • Alan

    While you’re at it Microsoft how about “untethering” the WP version from the desktop as well seeing as it’s your own platform!!!!

  • koenshaku

    Its funny reading this stuff and talking crap about it, but I know the truth is I will just upgrade to another flag ship windows phone this summer anyway. Which is a shame actually, but when I think about the alternatives there is nothing else out there that offers a better UI and I don’t use that many apps it functions for my needs and it is unique in it own right. In a sea of Samsung and apple devices I am ready to set sail with another Nokia…