Microsoft Reveals Limited Edition White Xbox One Console, Kinect And Controller


Microsoft Xbox One White

Microsoft today revealed their limited edition white Xbox One console, Kinect and controller. First of all, don’t get excited. These limited edition console is not for public sale and it is limited to Microsoft’s IEB employees. Microsoft is auctioning one of these console for the good. Read about it below.

In honor of Veteran’s Day here in the US I was able to snag one of the super limited edition white Xbox One Consoles and will be auctioning it off to support the Wounded Warrior Project. This is the same limited edition console that will be given to Microsoft IEB employees and isn’t for sale anywhere else.

The winning bid will not only receive the extremely limited edition white Xbox One (console, Kinect and controller) but will also receive one year of Xbox Live, and a copy of each of our first party launch titles including Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon.

Bidding will be open until November 18th with all proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Full details on the official auction page on Ebay

Source: Major Nelson

  • Guest

    Enough with Xbox stories. Either Elop of Mulally is going to get the CEO job and get rid of the cash sinkhole.

    • nohone

      The trolls are upset, if the news is not negative for Microsoft and positive for Sony/Apple/Google then they have a temper tantrum. And the coward’s comment is a perfect example.

      • Guest

        This is where your mistaken booting xbox out of the company is positive for us Microsoft fans!

        As the saying goes just because your ears does not sophisticated enough to appreciate opera don’t believe the sound of your own farts is music.

        • nohone

          I always find it funny that the people who want to strip Microsoft down to nothing, fire everybody in the company, think that Microsoft’s competition has the best products and never do anything wrong, those are the people who always claim to be the biggest Microsoft fans.

          • Guest

            I find it funny those with little perspective who are the biggest MSFT defenders have such fear of change and story so hard to hold the company back, to try to keep the company as it once was rather then what it can, no, what it needs to become to succeed.

            I suspect you would also keep the employee stack system because Ballmer and boys can’t do any wrong…go eat a hamburger your not thinking so well.

          • DigTheNoise

            Hold the company back? Did I miss the news where they where going bankrupt or something?

          • Zdenko

            Maybe what you didn’t hear about is people have found alternative to desktop computing need in the form of other OS products threating historic revenue streems, while office is being challenged by downward pressure on pricing and ever foray into consumer product has resulted in losses rather then profits.

            All said if MSFT continues on the same path, something Ballmer, Gates and the board understand will result in irrelevancy in the market place.

            I for one do not want that!

          • DigTheNoise

            Yeah, I hear all that on The Verge, Engadget, etc. And I also hear about Q3 record profits, beat expectations, new products, etc. Not sure how you get irrelevancy out of that … wish my company was becoming that irrelevant.

          • Guest

            And 2 and half years ago Blackberry was too confident about the future… The mighty fall fast

          • DigTheNoise

            You do realize that MS and BB are two entirely different beasts. BB did not have near the depth. In the same time BB fell companies have grown … including MS.

            Not current, but not too old either:



          • Guest

            Nero fiddled while Rome burned…bad manger point to good numbers while rot begins

          • DigTheNoise

            I reject your allegory on the political strife and fall of an ancient emperor to MS’s state. There are so many dissimilarities in the pieces that make up their situations I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tear it apart — I guess a good place would be MS’s excess don’t come close to Nero’s, i.e. MS doesn’t capture Christains and burn them at the stake.

            Do not good managers also point to numbers? If not, then there are a lot of companies that must be rotting including Apple, Google, Oracle, ATT, Verizon, IBM … heck, what company isn’t rotting, then?

          • nohone

            I live in the Seattle area, and so I know many people who work/worked for Microsoft. And the stack ranking format they had was the biggest problem that Microsoft had. I know a number of people who left MS because of it, and it caused a brain drain for the company.
            The thing is, a number of companies, Amazon, Facebook, and more adopted the ranking system that Microsoft used. We will see how it affects them.

          • Guest

            Your just another troll taking joy in anything negative about MSFT. You feel the need to come to our site and spew your pro
            Apple or Google slant while pretended to care about Microsoft products.

            Get lost troll and take those
            imaginary Microsoft friends with you!

        • UMovies

          no it aint everyone tried tv and failed ms is gonna succeed, its everything you could want , and all in one everything from ie, to gaming to communications with skype, everything the nfl is on board so you’ll be able to see game stats etc. apple sucked , Google sucked, xbox will kill just like it did in gaming, ellop isn’t gonna get rid of it their gonna bring all they’re mapping and here stuff over to

  • BIAS

    Man this is a beauty!