Microsoft Reveals New Hardware Requirements For Windows 8.1 Certified Devices

windows 8.1 hardware update

At Worldwide Partner Conference held earlier this week, Microsoft revealed some new hardware requirements for Windows 8.1 certified devices. Windows 8.1 certified devices will have support for NFC and biometric authentication, “Precision Touchpads, portrait mode improvements and InstantGo ( new name for connected standby).

During a session for Microsoft reseller partners entitled “How to talk to customers about Windows devices,” Microsoft officials talked about some of the new hardware features that Windows 8.1 and subsequent releases will support.

As we’ve been hearing at vaious Microsoft conferences over the past couple months, Microsoft is working closely with OEMs on making sure new touch-enabled, lighter, thinner, faster devices with longer battery life, support for “modern” security, connectivity and new sensors will be coming to market. Starting later this year, these machines will make use of the new features Microsoft is building into Windows 8.1, including support for NFC and biometric authentication; new portrait-mode enhancements; and InstantGo (the renamed and updated Connected Standby capability) to allow devices to turn on instantly and keep apps up-to-date.

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Source: ZDNET

  • Njoi Fontes

    The Microsoft strikes again, soon people will realize that this ipad nonsense was just a phase and Microsoft will take over the tablets/hybrids section of the market and leave able back in the fringes of society where it belongs.

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  • Agosto Nuñez

    Great 😀

  • Chennakesavalu varadarajulu.

    Hardware requirement is good for any superior OS.

    • Yuan Taizong


      • Chennakesavalu varadarajulu.


  • Windows 8

    I love to see MS now having setting stringent requirements for its OS, Now these stupid OEM’s would have to comply or get out of the market !

  • Dean Codemo

    Precision touchpad. ’nuff said.