Microsoft Reveals New Refreshed Logo For Bing

Bing New Logo

Microsoft today announced a new refreshed logo for Bing search platform.

With principles and frameworks in hand, we looked at the art. We revisited the current logo and diagnosed what wasn’t working. We looked at the new Microsoft identity and we did hundreds of studies to look at motion, font, color, size and form. We built out mock ads, localized product examples for China and fictitious billboards to see what was working. From simple evolutions to ridiculous explorations, we learned something in each one.

In the end, our new logo was created to be simple, real and direct.

Source: Bing

  • Chandra prabu

    Looks like Google Drive logo unfolded. Microsoft could have been creative..:( So Sad..!!!

    • John Mumpitz

      google could have been creative, too. the new google logo is a lame copy of microsoft! 😉

      • Bugbog

        I suppose, in the end, Microsoft is having the last laugh!

        From a company that [practically] everyone wrote off as without an artistic bone, to one the whole tech world is taking design tips/inspiration/theft from! 😀

    • Chandu

      If you go to the source link, you’ll see that Microsoft has detailed the design procedure. Creative. :

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    I actually liked the boomerang logo concept.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I like’d the old logo more, but I’ve seen the improvements and new features coming to Bing, so I’m happy, and Bing now finally has a standalone logo instead of its name, so it would be easier to place that thing in front of the many services Bing supports.

  • NegLewis

    Hhy not a square?
    Makes sense:
    || || ||
    || … ||
    || || ||

    THAT, looks like a finger that says: Come to papa.

  • vmxr

    i like it a lot

  • ZappyKins

    Oh, it’s a B, it looked like a crumpled piece of paper. Meh
    Still not please how they have ruined the video search. Espcially for those of use that need Flashblock and AddBlock as to not go crazy.

  • PoohGQ

    I think it’ll grow on me. in the meantime, WTF!!!

  • AeroSmash

    It’s cute 😀