Microsoft Reveals New Surface Pro Variant Specially For Chinese Customers

Surface Pro Chinese

Microsoft today announced a new Surface Pro variant for Chinese customers. This new Surface Chinese variant comes in two SKUs, a 64Gb version and a 128GB version. The 64GB costs ¥6588 and the 128GB costs¥7388 which is same as the regular Surface Pro variant available in China. And the new variant will be available only in China for now.

Surface ChinaSurface Pro
OSWindows 8Windows 8 Pro
New OfficeOffice Home & Student 2013 full version1-month trial of Office 365
MultilingualSimplified Chinese onlyAll Windows 8 languages

Source: Tmall via: WPDang

  • Ocelotty1

    So, when will they be released then, and more importantly when are the Haswell powered units hitting the shelves?

    • longjob

      already released and on sale since April 2. Available at Sunning and T-Mall

      • Ocelotty1

        Suning & T-Mall in China, I need them to be on sale in Hong Kong; well, actually, all I need is replacement pen as I’ve had the Pro for 3 weeks now & promptly lost the pen – whoever designed it so that the pen storage slot was the same as the charging port needs a slap on the back of the bonce, but the Surface Pro is still best portable PC I’ve ever owned.