Microsoft Reveals New Surface Pro Variant Specially For Chinese Customers


Surface Pro Chinese

Microsoft today announced a new Surface Pro variant for Chinese customers. This new Surface Chinese variant comes in two SKUs, a 64Gb version and a 128GB version. The 64GB costs ¥6588 and the 128GB costs¥7388 which is same as the regular Surface Pro variant available in China. And the new variant will be available only in China for now.

Surface China Surface Pro
OS Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro
New Office Office Home & Student 2013 full version 1-month trial of Office 365
Multilingual Simplified Chinese only All Windows 8 languages
Hardware Same Same

Source: Tmall via: WPDang

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  • Ocelotty1

    So, when will they be released then, and more importantly when are the Haswell powered units hitting the shelves?

    • longjob

      already released and on sale since April 2. Available at Sunning and T-Mall

      • Ocelotty1

        Suning & T-Mall in China, I need them to be on sale in Hong Kong; well, actually, all I need is replacement pen as I’ve had the Pro for 3 weeks now & promptly lost the pen – whoever designed it so that the pen storage slot was the same as the charging port needs a slap on the back of the bonce, but the Surface Pro is still best portable PC I’ve ever owned.