Microsoft Reveals Office Touch For Windows Devices For The First Time

 Office Touch Windows apps

As expected, Microsoft talked about the touch based Office apps that are coming to Windows. Microsoft announced Office for iPad last week and it became an instant hit. Microsoft used the next generation Office for Windows devices to demo the power of Universal Windows apps. They demoed PowerPoint app for Windows touch devices. As you can in the screenshot above, it features the similar Office Ribbon now optimized for touch with large touch targets. They were written on DirectX and XAML and works across devices. Microsoft even demoed PowerPoint for Windows Phone devices.

  • Bugbog

    My guess is that it won’t be ready till October. Although late, but not negating the HUGE undertaking of not just porting, but rewriting Office to include Touch as a native input method on par with the Keyboard/mouse, I’ve just really considered what an effort it must have been.

    At least this will shut up the “Windows RunTime isn’t for serious apps” bandwagon!

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Not to mention that Microsoft Office 2013 already supports touch-input, so it would just mean MORE support. :-)

      • benjitek

        Sort of, but not literally — more a from-the-ground-up-rewrite 😉

    • Cruncher

      Now Office 2013 is already touch optimized about as much as the iPad Version.

  • NGM123

    Finally, lots of positive news, things are on the move in MS land