Microsoft Reveals Recent Improvements Made To Bing News



Bing has made significant improvements to its internal technology Satori which enables Bing to have a deeper understanding of the people, places and the relationships between them.  When searching for a notable person you can now see current events regarding that person and a visual carousel which allows you to explore important and timely topics related to the specific person you’re searching for:


Related individuals to your search will now be displayed on the right-hand side. For example, how are Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift related? They both recently won awards at the Billboard Music Awards:


Bing will now also increased its news article index timeframe two week to years.  This will give you relevant news articles from years back when making searches.

  • Alex

    I don’t see this on my Bing.

    • kalval

      For reasons unknown to most (probably including Microsoft) features like this take months to years to make it into the international non-US versions of Bing. I’ve found it so annoying I have set my search location to US, because I rarely need locality prioritized results and often appreciate the wiki coming up on the side panel, or person details, or having the calculator and unit converter actually work. If you need a local search just go into ‘inprivate’ mode and it will default to your county.

  • Tips_y

    Yes, I did notice “RELATED SEARCHES” on the upper-right side of the page recently. But don’t know when it started to appear since I just noticed it several days ago. Very useful addition.