Microsoft Reveals That New Windows Devices Will Be Announced At Computex Next Week

Microsoft Computex

Microsoft OEM Twitter account today revealed that new Windows devices will be announced at the Computex conference next week in Taiwan. COMPUTEX Taipei is a computer expo held annually in Taipei, Taiwan and lots of ODMs, component suppliers, etc, from around the world meet to share their latest work. Microsoft used these events in the past focused on hardware specific announcements related to OEMs. This year, Microsoft has revealed that there will be new Windows devices being announced at this event. I expect OEMs like Dell will announce their next gen Windows tablets.

How about a Dell Venue 8 Pro 2? Acer W5? Post your wish in the comments section below.

Source: Microsoft

  • CyberAngel


  • Carter Hooper

    I am sweating out a refreshed Dell XPS One 27″.

    • Lj

      I have a One 27 and it is Niiiice! You will like it!

      • usuario74

        The XPS One 27 have a Quality Control issue. The screens have dust trapped inside. Looks like dead pixels. I had three exchanges and 5 screen replacements. They all have the same issue. I guess some people don’t notice it. DELL Customer Service is awful. It has been a nightmare.

  • skruis

    Microsoft Surface Min-min would be nice…

  • Michael McSherry

    Look forward to it!

  • Dennis Nemceff, MD

    I don’t care what it called – Dell Venue 8 Pro 2 or Lenovo ThinkPad 8

  • jaylyric

    Surface 3, Surface Mini? Even more wishful thinking.. Surface Courier?!

  • Gregory C Newman

    Hmm Maybe the Announcement of the Surface Mini was rescheduled for Computex so MS would have something to show. Most of Microsoft’s OEM’s have Atom CPU based Full Windows 8.1 tablets coming out selling between 300 to 500 dollars. Microsoft’s
    Surface line is High end Tablets that cost more than people who have
    low money Income or a tight budget can afford to buy. Hopefully Microsoft will sell Atom and Arms tablets that People who have low money income can afford to buy. If Microsoft truly wants to sell devices to people they must not limit their line of devices (Tablets) to only be sold to the rich folks.