Microsoft Reveals The Next-Generation Of Nokia X, Nokia X2 Android Device

Nokia X2 Android Device

As expected, Microsoft today revealed the next generation Nokia X device named ‘Nokia X2’. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GM RAM, 4.3-inch ClearBlack LCD display, Dual Sim support and 1800 mAh battery. It also comes with a 5MP camera with flash and auto focus on the back as well as a front-facing camera.

  • Display size: 4.3”
  • Display technology: ClearBlack, LCD
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 200
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Dual SIM: Dual Standby SIM

Skype, and OneDrive with 15GB storage are available right out of the box. Nokia X2 is be priced at €99 and available immediately in select countries globally. It will be available in glossy green, orange and black, with glossy yellow, white and matt dark grey colors.

In the press release, Microsoft also revealed that Nokia X family in selling well in emerging markets like India, Pakistan, etc,.

“The Nokia X family is going from strength to strength, with the Nokia X smartphone achieving top-selling status in Pakistan, Russia, Kenya and Nigeria,[3] while earning the third-best-selling smartphone spot in India,” said Timo Toikkanen, head of Mobile Phones, Microsoft Devices Group. “The Nokia X2 elevates the Nokia X experience with a stellar new design, ease of use and new Microsoft experiences. We’re proud to continue to bring smartphone innovation to lower and lower price points.”

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  • hushv

    It feels like Microsoft is telling us jump abandon / ignore windows phone.

    Why on earth is there no windows phone equivalent of this phone at this price?

    • hotrod2391

      I don’t think so. All of this including the 630 was conceived way way back and probably most of these devices were ordered long time ago so MS cannot just shift gear and turn in another direction. I’m sure future WP will be much better than this. It looks like WP to me.

    • Wieland

      Lumia 520/521…?

      • hushv

        In summary, Nokia X2 is Lumia 820 or 720 for the price of Lumia 520.

    • Bugbog

      There are [now] plenty of WP devices at this price. And there is no way I’d settle for a poorer copy of Livetiles regardless of price differential.

      • hushv

        Show which WP device has this same spec for less than 200 dollars, pounds or euros off contract.

    • koenshaku

      Well you can root the android device which is very popular oversea because you can side load software afterwards. On windows phone not so much as a result they just sell better. It would be pointless continue to market a product that does not sell well, besides it good for the low end market in my opinion it is an android phone with a bunch of windows services that keeps the Nokia brand relevant, so when considering a high end handset that is from Nokia they will still be powered by windows phone.

      • hushv

        You’ve got a point. I was going to write a blog post titled “high market share or super secure platform, choose one.”

    • tomakali

      There is no equivalent phone to Nokia Android because
      WP is superior than Android so theres no need to compare and compete

      WP is a healthier breed than infected Android

  • hushv

    This phone has 1gb ram. Front camera (Yet, Nokia’s survey says people don’t take selfies).

    ALL FOR €99! The WP equivalent costs at least twice this price.

    Customers ain’t blind, deaf or dumb. We hear you loud and clear Microsoft.

  • Arun Lobo

    Nokia X is the third best selling phone in India? What rubbish. Moto G and Moto E outsell it by huge margins. Many phones from local manufacturers like Micromax and Karbonn outsell Nokia’s crappy phones. Why are you lying MS?

    • hotrod2391

      do you have the factual numbers?

      • Arun Lobo

        Does MS have any? I can show online bestseller listings in all of leading online sites. I know that won’t equate to total sales, but it does give an indication. Additionally, Moto did give out numbers and they look higher than anything Nokia could achieve of late.

        • Jahir Kameel


          • Arun Lobo

            As I said Moto did give hard numbers. If you compare them with Nokia’s regional estimates, they are higher than what Nokia usually gets. Also bear in mind that Samsung sells 8 times more than Nokia. We also have MMX and Karbonn. Nokia themselves have Lumia 520 and 525 apart from 630. On flipkart 520 and 525 beat both X and XL.

          • Jahir Kameel

            Not only Me & you; everyone know Samsung sell more. But you are talking about motorola, make sure you have some point.

          • Arun Lobo

            Dear friend, read my very first sentence. It says “third biggest seller”. Since you admit Samsung sells way more, don’t you think there would be atleast three devices from them that outsold Nokia X? ( S duos 2, Note 3, s5).
            Regarding Moto, they gave a million figure sometime back. Total smartphone sales are likely to be around 20m per quarter (IDC figures). So either x alone bagged over 5% of sales (which is greater than Nokia’s total percentage in previous quarter!) or more possibly, the statement by MS is false.

          • Jahir Kameel


  • Rikkirik

    At first I was sceptic about Nokia X. But Microsoft owns 370 Android patents and is collecting licensing fees of almost every Android smartphone and tablet vendor for the use of Android and Chrome. Microsoft has made it’s own windows OS for smartphones and tablets free for products with screens of 9 inch and smaller, while compensating these losses (largely I think) with the licensing fees paid by Android vendors. But It seems that Microsoft wants to profit more from it’s Android patents, by developing their own windows phone with a forked Android version, hence the Nokia X. Seems like the strategy is paying off. In time I still expect Lumia devices to become cheaper and rival cheap Android smartphones. But I guess the two systems can excist beside each other, the Nokia X competing against real cheap Android phones, while Lumia devices compete against midrange and high end devices. The Nokia X line is also important to retain Nokia’s strong foothold in the feature phone markets, of which Nokia sold about 200 million last year. Most feature phone owners are going over to smartphones and Microsoft wants the Nokia X to be their first smartphone.

    • cr_buck

      Don’t forget that the Windows Phone OS will work on stock Android handsets. Microsoft could potentially get all these Nokia X handsets out in the market and then offer a free firmware update to switch to and then all of the sudden a new group of Windows Phone users. Of course they would have to communicate it as different from Android or risk shooting themselves in the foot but it could be a way for people to switch with no risk or cost and maybe get hooked. Something like, feeling tired of Android, switch your firmware to Windows Phone and upgrade for free.

  • Stuart

    This should be the Lumia 530 at the same price point

  • mrdoubleb78

    So the Lumia line has been left out there with
    – a 630 that is inferior in HW to the X2 but is 30% more expensive
    – a 720 and 820 which are 15-20 months (!) old
    – a 930 that has been announced 3 months ago and not yet available
    While Nokia/MS introduced 4 Android phone over the past few months all available effective immediately.

  • Thoughtful

    Yesterday’s L630 US price announcement, plus this announcement, implies MS is capable of releasing an incredible and affordable Lumia 730. Hopefully it is in the pipeline and coming soon!

  • Joe_HTH

    Yes Microsoft, top selling status to the detriment of your own Windows Phone 8 devices in those markets. Microsoft is stupid, and they deserve every bit of failure that comes to them because of crap like this.

    Why the hell should anyone bother investing in WP8 when you do stuff like this. Developers and consumers do this and say why bother with WP8. Microsoft is harming WP8 in these markets, because these are among the markets where WP8 is strongest.

    • cr_buck

      The big question is with universal apps and threshold around the corner what developer wouldn’t be persuaded to develop for Windows and get Windows Phone as a bonus. If if they only received a little big of revenue from Windows Phone it would be tied into the Windows tablets and desktops which they would want to develop for anyway. Hopefully that should be a strong incentive which will help reduce the app gap and bring more WP users into the mix as the excuse dries up. On the cheaper side they could sell Android and make it as laggier but get people used to the ecosystem and up-sell them to the smoothness of Windows Phone. At least that is a way I could see it possibly working but who knows if it will pan out.

  • Tips_y

    I don’t get it – the Nokia X2 was just announced and it will be available immediately and yet the 930 was announced months ago and availability is pushed back?!!

    • Jahir Kameel

      YAPPP.. absolutely right YOU ARE. It’s may be Marketing Strategy but market loosing strategy you can say. Microsoft know development but don’t know to market right way.

  • Thoughtful

    Microsoft’s strategy & Android cannibalization fears:

    Let’s face it, Android is included in Microsoft’s product line for one reason: The breadth of apps written for Android vs. the number of apps written for Windows Phone today.

    *** Please humor me by using my family as a customer example:

    The top 3 factors that make it hard for my family to choose a phone:
    1) Our kids would like the same apps their friends have
    2) None of us want our data to be used to profile us
    3) We are not looking for premium devices at premium prices

    So none of the current offerings meet these requirements:
    1) Microsoft has fewer apps, though the gap is shrinking
    2) Google profiles users the most
    3) Apple charges premium prices

    What would meet these requirements include:
    1) A Windows phone that also runs Android apps
    2) An Android phone that integrates Microsoft Services.

    A year ago I would not have supported Microsoft offering Android phones. However, when I analyze my families needs, the best solution for our kids today is probably a Microsoft Android phone with Microsoft services. (Mom and dad will stick with Windows Phone proper since the apps more than meet our needs.)

    Note: Since a Microsoft Android phone is not available in Canada, we will all stick with Windows Phones, but many of our kids friends are not.

    *** But more Windows Phones need to be sold to entice WP developers:

    I personally think the path to WP developers is through universal apps. There will probably be more Microsoft PC’s, laptops, and tablets in the near future than phones. Developers are most likely going to be attracted by the large computer market and also compile their code for Windows Phone thanks to universal apps.

    *** The Surface Pro 3 may be the real catalyst for WP:

    The SP3 is an incredibly functional device with as much design quality as Apple offers. It is going to put Microsoft on the map. This will both make Microsoft cool again and increase the user base. If the SP3’s design is replicated in their smaller tablets, they have a real shot of selling a lot of units.

    *** Actually, the MS ecosystem may be the catalyst:

    Microsoft has put a lot of architectural work into their ecosystem that is now allowing them to make incredible strides in all of their product lines. WP, Cortana, Office 365, Azure, OneDrive, Windows are all improving at a rapid pace right now. These are all great products and consumers are bound to catch on.

    *** In Summary: (In my sincerely humble opinion)

    > It is better to bring customers into Microsoft services via Android, than it is to lose the customer completely.

    > The Surface line and better OEM devices will pull people back into Microsoft, which will draw developer attention, which will increase the number of apps available on phones. The combination of Microsoft’s product quality and increased app availability will pull people off of Android to Windows Phone.

    > Customers are bound to catch on that Microsoft offers a comprehensive high quality ecosystem that Windows Phone fits into the best.

    … as a MS supporter, hopefully this is true.

    • LexicoRed

      Nope, the company just needs to get out of hardware altogether. Your long post of hopes and wishes just as Microsoft feeling the need go Android reinforces this fact.

      Yes it’s fun for the company to sale toys, and it sucks seeing Apple and Google kicking your busts doing it but Microsoft is not good at hardware and it shows. Though the good news is they are great at software and service, more importantly able to make money at them.

      Those who can not see this fact and keep wanting a hardware strategy does not have the Company’s best interest at heart.

  • tomakali

    This phone best suits to the Name “Nokia SHIFT”
    6months user of Nokia X can easily and comfortably shift to Windows Phone

  • tomakali

    nokia x with below specs [10Million Sold in India for sure]

    1.Dual Sim
    2.3G, Wifi
    3.32GB SD Card
    4.Solar Charging Backplate
    5.Quad Core
    6.5inch display with stylus
    7.5MP 3D Dual Camera
    8.Nokia Music and with Xbox/PC Screen sharing
    9.MS Office
    10.Android L

    at $300 = 10M sold in 3months
    at $500 = 05M sold in 6months

    Thats the strength of Brand Nokia in India