Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 Sales Numbers, More Than 200 Million Licenses Sold

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Speaking at Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference today, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Marketing Tami Reller revealed that Microsoft has sold over 200 million Windows 8 licenses since its launch in October 2012. Previously, Microsoft announced the sales numbers of Windows 8 in May 2013 when 100 million milestone was reached. It took about 8 more months to double the numbers.

About 240 million licenses of Windows 7 were sold in its first 12 months, compared to 200 million licenses of Windows 8 in 15+ months. The decline in sales rate is due to various factors. First, PC market in general is in decline. Second, Windows 7 came after not so well received product called Windows Vista. Microsoft is on track to deliver Windows 8.1 Update 1 in April to the consumers and Tami told the following in the conference,

“more rapid cadence” on which the Windows team has been delivering, while adding there are “more things coming just around the corner.”

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via: ZDNet

  • Bugbog

    Just another instance of using slight numbers against Microsoft.

    Oh, Chrome is winning (Market share: less than 17%)

    Windows 8 is a massive failure! (Sold 100Million in less than 12months, 200M in less than 24months!)

    Microsoft is failing as a company (record revenues and profits in 2013!)

    Microsoft earns three times the quarterly revenue that Google Does, and Two-thirds that of Apple

    But of course, the popular media meme is Microsoft is failing and is less relevant.

    • Rikikrik

      According to an analytic survey of 160 million users in december 2013 of Net Market Share, Windows global PC market share was 90.88%, Mac OS 7,5% and Linux 1.5%. Leaving 0,12% for other OS’s, including Chrome.
      Mr. Amobi, a tech blogger of the website “Eye on Windows”, claimed in a very recent piece that W8 was a big failure. Mr Amoby belongs to the typical popular media you are refering to, totally ignoring the facts. Fact is that W8 sales are good.
      Furthermore, when we look at the financial facts Microsoft is more profitable than Google, Apple, Samsung or IBM.
      In a decade Microsoft has grown it’s profit tenfold, yet still the media claims that Microsoft is irrelevant. Microsoft the company on which most companies have built their foundations and investments on, can you believe it??
      I urge people to look at the facts and not listen to subjective media or techbloggers.

      • Bugbog

        Indeed. I, in fact, was quite shocked when I examined the figures to find that, despite the overwhelming noise from the blogosphere, re: “I can’t consider Windows 8/ Windows Phone because it doesn’t have Chrome”.

        All one keeps reading about is Chrome Chrome Chrome! IE is, for all intents and purposes a “Dead Browser Walking!”, “No one uses IE!”, “Only unknowing Asians really use IE”, “IE is the worst browser to use!”

        But in actuality IE’s share as been rising consistently over the last 3 years (currently 54% overall marketshare), whilst that of Chrome keeps falling (below 17%).

        What I find most appalling is when TV broadcasters just parrot the meme of Microsoft failing without doing any investigative work whatsoever (I’ve found that even Business correspondents just parrot the script!), and more often than not it’s left to the poor guest expert to lamely put in that Microsoft is in fact been enjoying record profits!

        Lies, lies, and damned statistics.

        • NGM123

          I’m a fan, love IE 11 on my Surface, simply brilliant, but on a non touch UI, the older versions of IE are dogs.

    • LexicoRed

      Apple iPhone revenue alone is bigger the whole of MSFT

      • Bugbog

        Yes we know that. What do you think will happen to Apple the moment that stops selling? (Eggs and Basket mean much to you?!)

        • Guest

          iTunes alone is would be 130th company on Forbes top 500: not a bad basket itself. In fact Apple is less dependent on iPhone revenues the MSFT is on Windows and Office. Which is why all ya MSFT need to worry about these terrible numbers :(

          • Bugbog

            Of course, how right you are. Microsoft should just give up and close shop already!

          • Guest

            That’s a very ignorant statement. The company will make money for a long time but being flip with these facts does not make the real possibility of selling off unprofitable devision or layoffs of a large number of the 130000 workers any less likely.

            Never understand people who claim to support the company but then cares less about the hard workers of it :(

          • LexicoRed

            Yes a lot of hate on the internet… Just give me my shiny new XBox or smartphone and screw you if you lose your job as long as I get my new toy. Pretty sad.

        • Don’t fear the future

          US carriers are moving away from Smartphone subsidies. This move can greatly hurt Apple. Just look at how the iPhone performs in any other market that doesn’t have subsidied phones.

      • Antonioerre

        Nuts :)

  • RicardoDawkins

    so much for failure…wow…who knew that the iblogsphere staffed with gPeople were so wrong…

  • SategB

    Wow that is almost bad enough for the CEO to lose his job…oh wait…