Microsoft rolling out Surface tablets to employees?


Some months ago Microsoft announced that they will be giving Surface tablets to all 90,000 full-time Microsoft employees.

It seems that that day has finally come, as Jeff Wilcox, senior software developer at Microsoft, has tweeted that Surface for employees is “go!”

Microsoft has recently announced that they have increased production of the Surface tablet, and it may be this loosening of supply which is making the internal roll-out possible.  It is not clear if the roll-out will initially be confined to US only, or will be world-wide.

Those Microsoft employees hoping for an early Christmas present by selling the device on will be disappointed to know the terms and conditions prevent the sale of the gift.

Hopefully the roll-out will be associated with an influx of high quality applications to the Windows 8 store as talented developers get their hands on the tablet.

  • Naga Harish Movva

    I am not Ms emp.. :(

  • biobots

    I believe the roll out has started.

    Of course there are now more strings attached.

    No selling or gifting to family allowed.

    It is to be used for work although personal use will not be prohibited. I wonder will it have an asset tag and will employees be required to return them if they leave MSFT…
    I believe the no selling is fine, but MSFT should have just handed these out like candy on day one, many employees don’t seem to care that much now, and with the rules it will feel to many like just another asset and not something that belongs to them…

  • Gavin Tom

    haha force them to use it. that would be hilarious. Not that I don’t think that the surface is a great product. Just any company forcing its employees to do anything would be funny, unless it was me.