Microsoft Says Intel’s Info On Windows 8 Are Factually Inaccurate

Intel Senior Vice President Renee James leaked some information(link1, link2) regarding Windows 8. According to her there would be 4 different versions of Windows 8 on ARM architecture and only Intel powered x86 Windows 8 will be capable of running legacy applications.

Microsoft today denied recent Intel’s claim on Windows 8 to Business Insider with the following statement

Intel’s statements during yesterday’s Intel Investor Meeting about Microsoft’s plans for the next version of Windows were factually inaccurate and unfortunately misleading.  From the first demonstrations of Windows on SoC, we have been clear about our goals and have emphasized that we are at the technology demonstration stage.  As such, we have no further details or information at this time.

While Microsoft’s denial are still unclear and  they are not just ready to share any information regarding Windows 8. This year’s PDC will answer all these questions. Lets see how Microsoft plays it out.

  • Anonymous

     This statement is just to calm fears and is totally non-specific.

    Why not just come out and say which parts were inaccurate?

    MS, one things: the fewer SKUs the better – trust me!

    • Alex F.

       Because Windows 8 is quite some time away and it is too early.

    • Jessie Anderson

      multiple skus are important to consumers for packaged software…NOT OEMs who have specialized devices.

  • Anonymous

    Wow are Intel really that afraid ARM? I interpret their statement as fear-mongering so people don’t jump on the ARM powered Win8s right away.

  • Jessie Anderson

    Intel… dumb move…