Microsoft Scaling Back On Xbox One Launch, Delays Launch In 8 Markets To Early 2014

Xbox One

Microsoft today provided an update on their launch plans for Xbox One. It is not a great news for lot of fans in various countries as Microsoft announced that they are scaling back on Xbox One launch to 13 markets instead of 21 as announced at E3.

At E3, we announced that Xbox One would be available in 21 markets around the world at launch. This was an aggressive goal and the team has been working very hard to deliver Xbox One to as many markets as possible.

Our priority is ensuring our customers get the best Xbox One experience the first day it is available. To do that, and in order to meet demand, we have adjusted the number of markets that will receive Xbox One in November to 13 markets, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand, in November.

We remain committed to launching Xbox One in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, as soon as possible in 2014.

Microsoft cited the work involved to localize the Xbox One dashboard, incorporate additional voice and languages, and build partnerships to bring apps and meaningful local content to each country takes time and it was the reason for the delay.

If you have already placed your pre-order of Xbox One in the delayed markets, you will get a game for free.

If you are in these markets and have questions about your pre-order, please contact the local retailer where you placed your pre-order. To show our appreciation for your patience, if you have already preordered an Xbox One Day One system before today in those countries, you will also receive a pack-in game with your console when it launches.*

Source: Xbox

  • Paloma_Pastiche

    a free game, fair enough.
    I guess they are learning not to release a half baked product which is definitely the right thing to do in the long run.

  • Philippe Wechsler

    Ok, so I’ve been very patient with the xone, never even thinked about to not get one, but now that console is dead for me, I also won’t get one when its there. I live in Switzerland, so all of our neighbours get the console with no dealy. Microsofts explanation: it needs localisation and local partners. Well, wait, in Switzerland we speek german, french, italian and english, so that shouldn’t be a problem. For the services: we over here in europe get all that fine Microsoft services never or some years delayed, so no need to worry if not all that servies would be available at launch. Sorry guys, but even I have to admit that this console is dead right now!

  • nohone

    With the PS3, it was delayed over and over. It was supposed to ship in spring, but was delayed until November, and for PAL regions, it was delayed until march of the next year. And nobody had anything bad to say about that, it was perfectly fine to delay it so that Sony could get it right, ship to their biggest markets, and establish a use base. A stripped down hardware set (that could not be upgraded later) from what they initially announced, first party games that were promised for release day but did not ship for years later (but they put out a beta that people had to pay for and did not get you a discount off the final release), features that were far behind what the competition or added later in a me too manner, and hardware that was not anywhere near fulfilling the promises Sony made – that was OK. because it was Sony, and they deserved to own the console market. Now PS4 preorders are being cut off, with no numbers given as to how many will be delivered to smaller markets, and this is cheered as fantastic news “proving” that Sony has cemented their victory this time around.

    Microsoft delays the Xbox One a few months for smaller markets, to make sure the software is ready for those markets and to also make sure that they can fill all the preorders in bigger markets, and the media is treating it as a collosal failure, just another indication that Microsoft is out of touch, and saying once again Microsoft is doomed.

    Of course, Sony has not even said where they will release the PS4, comitting to only ship in one unnamed country. Sony’s Fergal Gara said “We will launch it this year. Exactly what regions, what timing, is being worked through. Which regions in 2013 — is it all of them, is it some of them? Is there some degree of phasing? We’ll reveal that in more detail later, but we can’t yet.”
    So even Sony has no clue what they are doing, but let’s jump all over Microsoft for delaying a few months in some smaller locations while, once again giving Sony a pass. It sucks for people in those locations who wanted an Xbox, but at least they know a general timeframe.

    • Philippe Wechsler

      1) you’re right with sony – they are not anything better than ms

      2) it’s a huge difference if you anounce a product for a specific region/market and timeframe and then you deliver only to some of these regions compared to announce a product for only a fre regions, but you deliver in these markets at time. The later is a bit unfair, but you broke no promise. What Microsoft did was different: they gave a promise to 8 countries that is no fullfilled, that is waaay worse!

      3) I hardly doubt that the real reason is that they need more time to get the software done right for these markets. See switzerland for example. This market is very similar to the market in germany. It is the same language, the only difference is that they have to replace an “ß” with “ss”. As for the services: all those services comes delayed by many many years in europe compared to the us. What Microsoft usually does is simply to disable this services meanwhile for these countries. So why not here? Or another way: if such a service comes to germany, why not switzerland too, I mean we have exactly the same Microsoft services as germany does.
      To make it a bit simpler: yes sony failed in the past & present too; I would hardly say that sony is now the better choice because of that. But as this is not a sony vs. microsoft thing, one can clearly say that the xbox one strategy failed catastropic. Not because sony did it better, but because it is ALWAYS a failure if a company has to revise their strategy and/or breake promises they made.
      While I agree that the shitstorm against microsoft that came up was partially a bit unfair, it is obvious that they made major mistakes. Otherwise they would not have changed their strategy multiple times. I guess noone would argue about this, they made it pretty much clear by themself that there were mistakes on their own side.

      • nohone

        From what I have read, there were 3 reasons for the delay. Supply of consoles, services, localization. For the supply, you can only make so many consoles. For localization, some langs are easy to translate because they are based off of others, but Kinect also needs to recognize different dialects. I do not know how if there is a big difference between Swiss and German, but if there is a difference then there needs to be training of data models to do voice reco, and it is not something that can be done in a weekend. For services, it is not as simple as Microsoft services. Xbox One is not just talking to some Microsoft properties, but also the TV thing also needs to be negotiated with content providers. There also is different laws that need to be adhered to to broadcast content. For example, in Canada a certain amount of tv content needs to originate in Canada, and also be available in French and English. From that list, it appears that they figured out the Canada issue, but other countries may have similar laws.
        As for where they ship, I see your point, but Sony has not done much for their situation. We can assume they will ship in Japan and the US, but they have not really committed to shipping in Europe, and they have been taking preorders but have not said it will ship there this year. There are even rumors that they will not ship in Europe this year, rumors they have not addressed. There were people on the internet making up claims about Xbox One (such as the Kinect would count the number of people in the room, and if there were too many people not allow a movie to be watched), and if Microsoft didn’t immediately address those rumors, then it must be true. But apparently (I am not claiming you are saying this) that same rule does not apply to Sony.

      • nohone

        BTW, I just read an article on another site (don’t want to post the link and give a competitor to this site free advertising) where a Microsoft official said that it is not so much a supply constraint, but localization. But if you want to import from another country you can with certain logical restrictions such as power supply differences (120v vs. 240v, plug shape, etc.). Since games are not region locked there are no problems there, and there are some limitations such as Netflix not being available in all countries. And, of course, it may not be localized to your specific language until a software update is made.
        So while the device is not physically sold in your country right away, you can import with no problems

  • Inquiring Minds Wanna Know

    Hmmm…Did they really underestimate the localization challenges this badly, or have profit challenges in the rest of MS caused Ballmer to tell them to take their foot off the launch gas pedal in order to minimize the earnings hit?