Microsoft Secures Patent For Surface Hardware Design

Microsoft Surface Patent Design1

Microsoft has recently secured patents for its Surface tablet hardware design. As you can see above, the patent describes the physical features of the device. On the software side, Microsoft has already applied for several key features of Windows 8 such as Live Tiles Start screen, Picture Password, Gesture support, etc,. As companies like Google are not respecting IP owned by other companies, it is becoming an compulsive act for companies like Microsoft and Apple to patent everything they do.

via: Patentbolt

  • Bugbog

    Only right!

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    Such a beautiful device!

  • Breakingillusions

    excellent i would love to see surface phone with same design as surface Pro/RT

  • VHMP01

    So MS will make more money from the Android Tablets Hardware than Google, Right? As from Android…

    • PoohGQ

      I don’t know what you mean but if Google was to attempt to charge for Android then all law suites would be focused on them and “lawd” there are a lot of companies that would sue them..!!! Now Android is used in many different applications apart from tablets and smartphones. Each of them have violating IP owned by other companies. But it’s fair to say that the majority of violating IP is owned by MS..

  • newyorkcitymale

    I’m reading this on my Surface RT. :)