Microsoft Security Essentials Fails In AV-TEST Report

Microsoft Security Essentials, the free virus and malware protection software from Microsoft failed to pass the recent AV-TEST. In Windows 8, Microsoft has replaced the Security Essentials with Windows Defender which will be turned on by default for all the users. According to recent AV-Test,  the effectiveness of Security Essentials in finding zero-day malware attacks, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses dropped from 69% to 64%, compared to industry average of 89%. It also had a 90% detection rate for malware and it is also below the 97% for the industry average.

In order to get “AV-Test Certified”, protection suite should pass 11 out of 18 available tests and in the Sep-Oct study Security Essentials failed to pass it. I hope Microsoft improves its security situation soon.

via: Infoweek

  • blackhawk556

    damn this sucks. I rely on this software but I might have to switch :(

  • Gavin Tom

    time for Microsoft to ramp up updates and fixes! Hope they rise to the challenge.

    • Asgardi

      The whole point for security essentials was to stop normal people who don’t feel the “need” to by AV software from spamming viruses all over the Internet. It still works for this purpose. The biggest leaks today are not MS software but mainly Java, Flash, Adobe Reader and Android so I do not wonder why they are not putting money in security essentials as much anymore. Also, new security features other than security essentials are built into Windows 8 so the whole picture has actually improved. Is is not so important to block viruses from getting in if they cannot run anymore (the famous MAC situation, full of viruses that do nothing because they cannot run there).

      • Bruce

        Most people who feel that they don’t need an antivirus know they way around and aren’t that dumb. Those “spamming viruses all over the internet” often have an active and up-to-date antivirus but have no clue how to avoid viruses or what they’re doing in front a computer. It’s true that sometimes their antivirus will be outdated or expired but that’s not always the case and some viruses manage to knock an AV protection down even though they’re known by the antivirus.

        And as you say things aren’t nearly as bad as they were on Windows XP era, the problem now is the huge amount of crapware coming in from all sides. : /

      • willdoors

        viruses don’t run in mac cause virus programmers don’t make viruses for mac, they are still dumb and consider microsoft a monopoly and that’s why they attakck microsoft, the day thw world finds a programmer who sees the real reality, he will develop viruses for mac, ….. but those guys are dumb, so they will not develop for mac!

        • Asgardi

          Exactly my point. Huge amount of the viruses to day exploits basic Windows flaws that do not exist any more in Windows 8, especially in RT (Metro environment). For example in Windows 8, AV (MS or some other) is loaded first before anything else at startup so disabling AV is much more difficult. And second, Metro environment doesn’t have background processes or registry and apps cannot see anything about the OS or other apps from their sandbox.
          I’m not saying there are not or will not be viruses for Windows 8, but the situation is once again much better it has ever been and very good compared even to Linux.

  • Lasp24

    this program has removed a trojan virus from my computer, I think it works…

  • Dan Menapace

    Yea it’s true. Doesn’t do so good against the Money pack virus but at least Windows 8 is more secure.

  • darthtigris

    “Paid for by all of the purchase-only virus software companies.”

  • Gandharv Mohan Saini

    I dont thick there’s something to panic. Actually MSE is showing more false -positive and Microsoft will soon do to improve their security. I am using it since more than a year and its working fine for me. And notice guys, my PC runs on net 24*7 and I haven’t had an issue till now. So cheers and enjoy the free AV from MS.

    And contradictory to what AV-test said,

    Another security software testing organisation, Virus Bulletin, says
    Security Essentials’ performance is sufficient to justify its VB100
    rating, which can only be attained by software that “prove[s] it can
    detect 100% of malware samples listed as ‘In the Wild’ by the WildList
    Organization” without generating any false positives. ®