Microsoft Security Essentials Will Now Warn Users Windows XP Is Not Safe

End of life for Windows XP is approaching quickly. In addition to a pop-up notification that Win XP will hit end of life, Microsoft Security Essentials will now give prominent warnings to users running Windows XP.

The next Security Essentials engine version, 4.5, is currently available in pre-lease form.  Officially version 4.5 is supported on Windows Vista & Windows 7, but it can be installed on Windows XP. (The product is built into Windows 8)

When installed the user will now see a warning with the yellow bar in the image above or the yellow tray icon nearby. These yellow warnings stay up even if the product is completely updated and the system scan is clean.



Microsoft released a statement to ZDNet

“Windows XP customers already running Microsoft Security Essentials will receive version 4.5 when it ships.”

It’s been over a decade, time to get off Windows XP.

Source: ZDNet

  • XBoxerOne

    XP was never that safe and company was never that concerned so why warn people now?

  • Bruce

    Bad idea.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Well, looks like microsoft just about covered their liability issues on that part. Oh how amazing it is to be able to associate sometthing simple as an antivirus program to a total disfunctionality of a complete operating system. Let’s nog forget that the antivirus is only a small part of a bigger system.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I’m so happy that Microsoft released a Migration Tool and is now actively asking people to upgrade, people must stop seeing this as a ”Microsoft wants your money” situation, and more as a ”let’s upgrade now” situation, Microsoft supports their O.S.’es way longer than any company, Microsoft has done way more for their costumers in terms of updating and bug-fixing than most others, yet people still praise Apple, while whine when Microsoft tells you to upgrade after 1 and a ½ decade, there is just so much wrong with this, people should upgrade now, heck, they should’ve upgraded years ago, Windows XP doesn’t belong on P.C.’s anymore, heck, I even know a few people running Windows 95 and Windows 98, but they are rare, and so should XP be, there are so much features in Windows 8.X that simply have made Windows more business friendly and better for everyone, yet people stick to what they know, the ”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality” is keeping Humanity down, if we’d say that for every problem, we would’ve never stopped being a hunter-gatherer society.

  • jimski27

    Oh great. So now I have to open Essentials on each machine to see it’s up to date, rather than checking to see if the icon is green. I have 10 XP machines in one room for marketers. Company is not prepared to upgrade at this time. I begged them to do the $39.99 Win 8 upgrades last year. It will get interesting come April.