Microsoft: Security Essentials Will Offer Only “Baseline” Protection For Windows Users

microsoft security essentials

Microsoft released its own anti-virus program Security Essentials back in 2009 and it even started bundling with Windows. Since then, Microsoft is constantly updating the malware engine and the definitions. But some Anti-virus test results, case studies put Security Essentials to the bottom of the post. Holly Stewart, senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, told Dennis Technology Labs that Microsoft made a decision to switch to what it calls a “baseline strategy”.

It started focusing on protecting their customers instead of makingĀ  Security Essentials score better in competitive tests. Microsoft is “doing everything we can to protect against real threats” and even passing their own data on threats to other antivirus vendors as well.

She said that shouldn’t be seen as Microsoft leaving customers unprotected, claiming the company is merely focusing on the most serious threats.

“Baseline does not equal bad,” she said. “We provide a high-quality, high-performing service to our customers and if they choose not to buy [antivirus] on Windows 8… we want to get those people protected.”

Source: PC Pro

  • GG002

    I have run MSE on my mum’s old laptop since 2009, and there’s never been a problem, even when my mum’s not exactly the most tech-literate, and can click on bad things.

    • MSFTmanJosh

      Similar case with me. I have W8 with no antivirus program (that I feel just slows down the computer) and mine is perfectly fine. I use Windows Defender and it picks up anything suspicious and takes care of it.

      • techieg

        As an IT pro, we’ve use the very ineffective McAfee “Enterprise” at work but I also still have MSE on my work computer. I have experienced infections bypassing McAfee only to be caught by MSE. And there is no week we don’t have to deal with infections since we use McAfee, one of the worst AV products similar to Symantec. So much for enterprise.

        • Mestiphal

          they expect Netscout, websence, watchguard, and barracuda to pick up their slack

    • Hapolo


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    • ZappyKins

      I like to think that I am fairly tech literate, and several years ago, even I accidently clicked on a bad link. Ended up leading to the virtual death of that computer and hard drive.
      We can all make mistakes.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Personally I have Windows 8 that comes with Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials pre-installed/bundled and I have never had any programme by-pass it.

    My ex-girl-friend used another programme and when I installed Microsoft Security Essentials it detected more than 24 threats that her ”professional virus-scanner” didn’t detect, despite not winning any tests, it still beats most programmes out there, so so-far, so-good.

    • Hapolo


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  • Emily the Strange

    AV in 2013? lol
    seriously… i CAN understand why people need an AV, and I know people open any .exe file. but really…. sometimes i dont understand these test and stuff, like… real life people wont probably be affected by 100 virus/malware/etc in the same moment!
    sometimes its better to be off the AV because it can consume resources and it reads the drive constantly its faster to have it turned off.
    but I dont get why some people think having bloat will protect them better, like those security suites that have like spyware, malware, antivirus, firewall, spam thing… and they can still stay protected with not many of those things!
    I dont know… just dont understand how bitdefender or Norton or eset, can protect you better.
    sometimes I like to be with no defender turned on, and use Jotti to check files, thats a good method, slower but when you dont trust a program you can always do it that way. but having it on all the time? thats just a waste of resources.

    so MSE/Defender will work for most people. again, not everyone will encounted bad files like everysecond while they browse… or they dont download many files so all these test saying MSE and Defendr isnt good… well im sure in real life, its enough for 99% of people.
    also it comes bundled in win8 so its good. and it will slowdown the same or less than other super bloated packages, just wasting resources and doing no better.

    • PoohGQ

      You have a good point there! Windows 8 has a lot of built in protection that it’s only a few that will actually encounter a virus. Windows Smartscreen will always come up and when attempting to install software that is likely to harm your PC. A lot of those burned in my experience, they tend to ignore this warning and install anyway.

  • Bugbog

    Microsoft stated a while back that they were targeting root malware definitions, rather than most of the stuff that ‘popular’ AV’s go for.

  • Gromanon

    People need to understand that Microsoft doesn’t want to set benchmark on competitive test to not upset their partners even though they can. That being said MSE quietly provides world-level protection

  • PoohGQ

    I remove any of those resource hogging suites for all my clients with Windows 8. All I do is create an admin account and lock them from being able to install software until I have checked it out. Sure it wastes a lot of my time for which I don’t charge but it’s only from a very small group of users that will constantly call me to allow them to install a lot crappy desktop apps. I’ve been encouraging this group of users to search for alternatives in Windows Store and so far it seems to be working quite well as the number of apps keeps climbing.

  • Tom V.

    what’s sad is the silly reasons why people would get viruses back in the day (clicking dumb pop ups or downloading porn,opening spam mail, using p2p sites etc.) is what lead people to think that a mac was more secure. i haven’t had a virus on a windows machine since before the latter end of the xp days. essentially people were saying, macs let me steal things and jerk myself without getting viruses! surely it’s better! the only thing i’ve witnessed on modern versions of windows is if people look for sites to stream free episodes of shows or whatever or install programs and don’t carefully proceed through whatever they install and accept to let shitty plugins for their browsers get installed that bog down the browser and open all sorts of popups. they dont get flagged as a virus with a scan and the computer operates smoothly again when the plugins are removed.