Microsoft Selected Again As The Most Attractive Employer In India For Fourth Year In A Row

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the survey by HR services firm Randstad, Microsoft is the ‘most attractive employer’ in India. This is not the first time for Microsoft in India as they have won it for the fourth year in a row. You will be surprised to know the second most attractive employer, its Sony India. And expected, more than 70% of the survey respondents found IT, communication, telecom and ITeS industry to be the most attractive sector to work.

The survey, which covered more than 8,000 potential and employed workforce in India, found that competitive salary, employee benefits and long-term job security were the most important factors when choosing an employer. Other criterion included financial health of the company, good work-life balance, pleasant working atmosphere and career progression opportunities.  The survey said men preferred companies which offered competitive salary and job security, while women looked at better work atmosphere, accessibility and flexible working conditions.

Source: NDTV


  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    If only they could get the plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.. you know.., the Nokia plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the Indian government is the only one to blame, while foreign companies are doing the best they can to make life better for the Indian population, the largest democracy that also hosts 46% of all starving children is being corrupt to enrich their own pockets, I really hope that they won’t scam Microsoft as they did to Nokia Oyj.

    • Bugbog

      I’ve/I’d often wondered why India, with so much potential (and an early start), has been so comprehensively surpassed by China? I’ve recently come to understand that, even though not expressly indicated (at least as far as I’m aware), India is quite heavily federated, meaning individual states have the ability to determine local governance.

      So even if the main Government decides to allow foreign companies the ability to own companies [in certain sectors] out right, local government can still impose local laws/edicts that essentially make the federal law unworkable in that particular state.

      This ultimately means that whilst China as a whole is able to create the ability to move the whole country in the direction its aiming for, India’s movement is a stuttering mess.