Microsoft: Several Windows 8 apps already have more than 1 million downloads

Microsoft has already revealed some interesting Windows 8 news this week, including that they have already sold 40 million licenses of the new OS.

Now Steve Ballmer in a Microsoft Share Holder Meeting has revealed that Windows 8 buyers " … are using the features and downloading new applications. In fact, several apps have reached already 1 million downloads."

The news is significant, as it indicates that Windows 8 users are doing more than simply making use of their old desktop apps, but are actively using the Metro environment and its associated store, which should draw in new developers and applications.

He also confirmed that “new devices will really start to hit the shelves worldwide in the coming weeks and coming months", which is good news for those frustrated by the lack of exciting windows 8 devices on shelves.


  • deathdealer351

    im looking forward to surface pro

  • Bugbog

    Surface RT, All the Way!

  • Njoi Fontes

    awesome, now hopefully some people will stop complaning how they don´t want any modern UI elements on their desktop. That really irritates the hell out of me. I mean here you are, getting something new that is optional, and instead of being gratefull and simply not use it if you don´t want to, people still have the courage to actually complain…