Microsoft Shows How Windows Devices Are Transforming Retail Industry(Video)

At the National Retail Federation’s annual conference, Microsoft is touting how Windows can help retailers grow their businesses, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

According to a recent study conducted for Microsoft by Forrester Consulting, surveyed firms report that Windows 8 tablets can increase the effectiveness and accuracy of sales associates, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of advanced management capabilities, high-level security and lower total purchase costs when compared with utilizing non-Windows tablets.

Windows tablets are enabling a variety of business scenarios for retail customers, from helping sales associates improve customer service, boost productivity, and increase the size of customer sales. With Windows tablets, retailers can provide their customers with a convenient, fast purchase experience anywhere in the store through a modern point of sale device, and enable field reps and merchandisers to efficiently manage retail execution end to end. This video provides a great overview of line-of-business (LOB) scenarios that retail companies can leverage using a range of Windows devices:

See how Windows devices are transforming Retail, enabling real-time access to customer data, operational details, POS systems and stock levels from anywhere in the store.

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  • lubba

    All these businesses have to do is take the leap. The future is now- touch computing.

  • Ruufus

    My company Is in the future! 1999!

  • -7-

    Is this how WP assistant cortana will sound like?

  • grs_dev

    Yeah, sorry Microsoft, not buying it (no pun intended). Right now all I see is iPads replacing bulky POS systems.