Microsoft Shows Its Vision Of Future Gaming Experiences



Stephen Chapman of Zdnet has unearthed a internal Microsoft video showing the future of Windows Gaming Experiences. The video emphasized the following points,


“ My Friends and I connect and share our experiences across social networks. Our gaming experiences are not limited to a single platform or property, but extend inclusively across internet.


My avatar is my online identity. It represents my style, attitude, and character. I can see and personalize my avatar on the web, my PC, or while playing a game.

3) Search:

New Games and media are easy to discover and play. I can quickly search, find, and play the games and video media that are of interest to me.

4) Transaction:

From a 99 cent virtual item to a $49.99 game, I can spend my money as I see fit, Buying things enhances my gaming and entertainment experience.

The video ends with a great message from the Windows Gaming Experience group at Microsoft.

Info on WGX from LinkedIn ad,

The Windows Gaming Experience (WGX) Team is a very passionate team embarking to create a new world-class gaming platform that comes alive in the presence of services and leverages the power of the PC to help define the next generation of Windows and Web gaming to 300 million potential customers. WGX team is realizing its strategy via the delivery of Windows and Web gaming solutions built upon existing available services (internal and external to Microsoft) as well as building as needed Azure-based services to enable this vision.

Great dig by Stephen. Good work.

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  • Ashiedu Nwadiei

    Cool. I’d love to see Microsoft inject some personality at least into some parts of Windows. Windows Media Center was always just kind of there. An Xbox modal app (Windows Live or whatever) could reallly change that.

    • Edwin Rodriguez

      I totally agree. Now I’m a huge Microsoft fan but I’m not oblivious to what is out there and I try not to let my bias consume other people opinions. With that said I get a little nervous sometimes when using Microsoft and best in the same sentence, their is usually a backlash because of their history. However, with some things I do think they have the best experiences with. Xbox 360/Live/Kinect is Microsoft golden children. Xbox 360 and Live are amazing, even if the service costs compared to PSN. Kinect has taken the world by storm, well beyond everyones expectations. I don’t know a single person who dislikes it.

      I have high hopes for Windows Phone 7. It’s a bit shaky at the moment but it’s brand new and it’s taking a bunch of one companies big products (brands) and putting them into one tiny package. They are a large company, working like a small one. It’s hard, it’s new, it isn’t perfect. It will get better though. The Live/Cloud back-end is what will really be the winner for Microsoft. Look at how Zune handle purchased video, you own it so play it just about where ever, forever. I can’t wait to see how everything looks this time next year.

  • Karthe Megara

    Web 2.0 in my games? Get out.