Microsoft Shows Off Metro-Style Windows 8 Business Apps

Microsoft today showed its Metro-Style business apps concepts at Convergence conference for Dynamics ERP and CRM customers and partners. Apart from Microsoft other Microsoft partners will also be showing their Windows 8 business apps which should further create interest on Windows 8 tablets among enterprise users. You can see the Microsoft Dynamics app concept in the image above and some more from the via link. It would be more fun for IT/Business people if business apps turn this sexy!

via: ZDNet 

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  • the person

    Dynamics is really going to pop…Metro was made for executive dashboards.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that looks amazing. I wish I could see it being used, but if it works as perfectly as it looks, it has to be amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there was video but this has my interest peaked!  MS please get these tablets out sooner than later.  Shoot I’d take a 7″ inch tablet the Consumer preview right now if there was one.

  • Anonymous

    Finally we see some real power of Metro UI! This UI is beautiful and very productive and requires a new level of mentality away from icon-centric, chrome-over-packed UI presentation that we’ve based our technological perception on over past years. Metro is the future.

  • MS Dynamics partner

    MS is just giving some photoshop made pictures but in real with every version of its ERP systems is making worst products.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot. You also suck at English.

      • NAVISION was great before MS

        Yes, and you think you are very
        intelligent? You are a cow without brains incapable of
        critical thinking.

        Maybe my English sucks, but better than to
        suck the dick to Paul White, as you do.