Microsoft Shows Off Upcoming ESPN And NFL Apps For Xbox One

Xbox One NFL App

Microsoft showed off its ESPN and the NFL apps for Xbox One to the media recently. These apps are designed similar to the existing ESPN Xbox 360 app with few changes and features that take advantage of Xbox One platform.
Microsoft also announced Fantasy Football on Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone which are available for download today.

The NFL on Xbox One and Surface

Tailored for you, the NFL on Xbox One will deliver the best of the NFL, in a way that will completely reimagine the way you experience football from the comfort of your home. Only Xbox One can bring interactivity to live games, stats, scores, highlights and your Fantasy Football team all together on the best screen in the house – your TV. Xbox One will personalize your NFL experience, for your team, with the best content the NFL has to offer including, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. Whether you’re watching the game or not, Xbox One makes it easy to keep tabs on the league with Snap mode. You can watch live TV, play games, or watch movies, while simultaneously tracking your Fantasy Football team, or checking in for the latest scores and stats.

While you’re watching at home, Surface technology is in the stadium, on the sidelines to help protect your favorite players. Teams and trainers will implement use of the X2 concussion testing application this season to quickly diagnose potential player concussions immediately after leaving the playing field with the help of Surface tablets, helping quickly determine if they can get back in the game or call it a day.

ESPN on Xbox One

We are also excited to announce ESPN on Xbox One, which builds on our innovations with ESPN on Xbox 360, and provides you with the best of ESPN networks and web content personalized just for you. Featuring deeper sports content personalization, ESPN on Xbox One gives you immediate access to the teams and sports you care about most. With WatchESPN,, and ESPN3 video content, you get the best highlights, live events and on-demand sports in full screen mode. Additionally, you will receive personalized scores and stats in Snap mode from the most popular sports.

Source: Xbox

  • Rico Alexander

    Can’t wait!

  • Rob Owens

    The only thing this says to me is “you will not get NFL Sunday Ticket on XBOX ONE”
    you will getting a bunch of meaningless crap and games on the NFL Network. But, you will not get live out of market games. Enjoy!

    • argenys

      I think you’re wrong, you can watch any live tv from your cable box through the XBOX One. Then use the app in snap mode.

  • Rob Harris

    NFL is great, but MS needs to address the college game.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Media apps are the future of television, I hope that the Xbox One will take maximum advantage of this ecosystem and innovate before the likes of Apple and Google will try to dominate the T.V. market.