Microsoft Shows Off Xbox One’s TV & Entertainment Capabilities, The Whole Experience Looks Amazing

Microsoft today detailed the TV & entertainment capabilities of Xbox One. Since its announcement, Microsoft has been revealing the capabilities of Xbox One. So far, they detailed about the exclusive gaming content, Xbox LIVE multiplayer community and new features like Smart Match, Game DVR and Upload, etc,. Today, they detailed the whole Xbox One experience which combines gaming, TV & entertainment capabilities and the whole new dashboard experience.

#1 – Unleashing the Power of Your Voice
A simple voice command turns on your Xbox One, your TV, your set-top box and your AV system because Kinect for Xbox One is an Infra-Red blaster. And when you say “Xbox On,” your game is always ready to resume from wherever you left off. You can start playing your favorite game, find your favorite show, change channels, turn up the TV volume and more – with the sound of your voice, powered by Bing voice recognition technology.

#2 – Biometric Sign In
Kinect can recognize you and instantly log you into your personalized home screen. Your favorite games, shows, TV channels, movies, albums, Skype contacts, recently-played apps and more can be pinned right to your home page – so you can find everything you love quickly. Biometric sign in and personalization extends to everyone in your house – each person has a home screen tailored just for them.

#3 – Instant Resume and Instant Switching
We’ve talked about instant switching before, but now you can see it for yourself in action. The video showcases how quickly you can jump from one experience to another and right back where you left off. You can literally jump from a game to live TV, music, movies, sports, Web sites and back again in seconds, just by using your voice.

#4 – Watch Live TV via Xbox One
Xbox One lets you watch live TV from your HDMI-compatible cable or satellite box, making it easy to switch from games to live TV – all with the sound of your voice, and without having to switch TV inputs. No more multiple remotes, missed multiplayer matches while you’re watching TV, or frustrating delays. Just connect your set top box to your Xbox One and you can watch live TV through your Xbox One.

#5 – Get a Multiplayer Invite, while you are Watching a movie or live TV
Imagine never missing a multiplayer invite, or an epic game battle while engrossed in a movie or TV episode. With Xbox One, TV and games are not separate. You can be watching your favorite show, the big game, or a movie like “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and still receive an invite to play a game with your friends.

#6 – Game DVR and Upload Studio Let You Record and Share Your Greatest Moments
By simply saying “Xbox, record that” your gameplay is recorded. Or, you can take advantage of a five-minute buffer that’s constantly recording in case something remarkable happens and you weren’t expecting it. With the Upload Studio, you can turn your gameplay footage into a work of art, record a taunt over the segment, add a skin and share it with your friends.

#7 – Do Two Things at Once
You can also choose to snap two experiences together – so you can play a game while you watch TV or listen to Xbox Music.

#8 – Skype on the Big Screen, With Groups and Free Long Distance
Skype is amazing on Xbox One, offering the only big screen experience with Group Video Chat with up to four people. Kinect is the only camera in the world that will follow the caller and pan and zoom automatically as if you had your own camera man. You can talk with your friends while surfing the Web or checking the latest stats of a sports team. And have full 1080p video calls for one-to-one chats on your TV. 1

#9 – OneGuide Delivers Personalized Guide to TV, Apps and More
Xbox One has its own TV listings guide that can be navigated with your voice. Say “Xbox, what’s on Discovery Channel?” and boom, there you have the list of shows.  Call out your favorite TV show by name and start watching it instantly.  And, Xbox One is the only system that brings together your favorite TV channels and entertainment app channels into one screen.  Create your own personal Favorites in OneGuide, so you can easily choose what you want to watch – whether it’s on Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Hulu Plus or the NFL on Xbox One app. For the first time you don’t have to juggle multiple screens across cable TV, video streaming services and other entertainment apps to quickly find the entertainment you’re looking for.

#10 – Xbox SmartGlass Enhances Gaming in New Way

Read about all the above in detail from the link below.

Source: Xbox News

  • Speedy

    Not bad at all, though Skype seemed slow.

    • Bugbog

      I liked it. It was Real! :)

    • David van der Zande

      It looked EXACTLY the same as the Windows 8 app!

      • Bugbog

        That looks like the beauty of it; all apps seem to be of Windows 8 level design & quality!

  • Mark Gibbs

    I wonder how that will work with a Tivo

  • Bugbog


  • Bas

    very cool. Hope Sky content will be available in the UK on the xbox one shortly instead of the current 360 app.

  • JK

    Ok – so here is my go at it from a european perspective. In Europe – at least in Germany – People have spend thousands of Euros to get away from set-top boxes by buying TVs which include one or better multiple DVB-Triple tuners. How is this intended to work with XBOX One? Looping into the TV, out and back in again???? Hardly so. I think the whole concept of XBOX One as a home Entertainment hub is centered around a US centric approach where people might not be fuzzy about adding elements to their HT setup. Anybody else feeling the same? Not to start a PS4 / XBO flame here, but I think somebody needs to give MS some thoughts around an international approach,

    • Emily the Strange

      from 10 points you only talk about the one not many people care about? wow… yeah you dont want to start a flame blablá (like if most cared). you just focus in the dumbest thing.
      not everyone will watch tv through Xbox, and if you can change from hdmi to your cannel or whatever in your tv, the do it… Microsoft isnt stopping you.
      did you forget the other 9 points in the article? and they arent “US centric” blabla crap. again, its not like if you connect your Xbox you will not be able to use the other options on your tv to watch tv.

    • nohone

      If you have systems that work better for you, then use them. You are not required to use the TV features of the X1, but for those who do not have DVB tuners built into their TV, who currently use set top boxes, then they can use the X1’s TV features.
      And don’t forget, Sony had tuners for the PS3. It was built for the EU only. We didn’t hear of non-EU users complaining about how they are left out of everything, and we didn’t hear EU users complaining that they already have setups that does what the tuner does.

    • Brad

      I could see how it loses some luster there. But what do you think MS could even do in a situation like that? I am stoked about the tv features (tho not enough to buy one as the X360 works good enough with WMC). NFL sunday ticket is the only feature that could draw me to buying an X1 before a major price drop

    • nohone

      Thinking about it some more, Microsoft is the only company where they add features and people get upset about it. They add features to Office and Windows, and people call it bloat ware. They add features to a game console, and you have a major company in the global economy and the fanboys of that company attacking for the addition of features. Companies like Apple proudly announce they added 200 new features (usually those features are something like “we made the calendar have a textured leather look”) to their OS, and people praise them for it. Sony adds features, and people cheer. Then they take away some of those features, and people cheer. Then they spread rumors they are adding those features back during an update, and people cheer.
      It is just amazing how far people will go to criticize anything and everything Microsoft does.

  • jaylyric

    I so am getting ONE of these!!

  • uncle_joe

    I’ve never seen anything so awesome!!