Microsoft Shows The Future Of Retail Using Kinect For Windows

Microsoft yesterday released an video showing the power of Kinect for Windows by a demo which shows the future of retail we could experience. The scenario video shows how a Kinect for Windows application attracts new customers by providing them with a good understanding of a resort thru an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience, while also providing customers with an offer to receive a discount on future stays. Watch the video above.

The Kinect for Windows SDK and toolkit contain drivers, tools, APIs, device interfaces, and code samples to simplify development of applications for commercial deployment. Microsoft frequently update the SDK, adding improvements for more control and deeper access to sensor data; new tools, such as Kinect Fusion; and samples, such as best-in-class user interfaces, to feed the creativity and needs of Microsoft’s customers.

  • DKJr

    I like the concept, huge potential and new ways to shop.

  • Bugbog


  • lubba

    there’s so much potential with Kinect. Too bad the freak gamers and techie media had to make it look bad. Microsoft maybe in the minority right now but I guarantee whatever you see in star trek right now, will happen with Microsoft’s innovation. Android and Apple may have their time right but in reality they’ve shown nothing innovative but the same ol same ol with little additions to keep the chain on their zombies ankles; example siri and now finger print scanner. You watch when Kinect will used in every house, store, malls, car, hospitals, with both voice and gestures. Once the Apple and Google generation of now dies off, Microsoft will be the future of many technologies.

    • grs_dev

      How did they make it look bad?
      My biggest problem with the kinect is that I have no compelling reason to turn it on and it’s a hassle to plug and unplug it all the time. Once the novelty wore off, it just sits there and collects dust.

      • lubba

        like I said, once the google and apple generation dies off, Microsoft’s products will be the future and I welcome it. When that time comes, you yourself will collect dust fighting for your life for the same ol bullshit.

        • Guest

          So basically you’re predicting a MS resurgence in about 60 years, give or take?

          • lubba

            Bro, I congratulate you for living in that same hole you were born in.

        • grs_dev

          @lubba based on your assessment I read:
          a) Microsoft is incapable of taking away marketshare from its current competitors, Apple and Google

          b) The current generation of 18 to 35 see no value in Microsoft’s products.

          No public company can survive with those 2 situations on its hands. Microsoft better figure out how to capture new marketshare and it better do it quickly.

          I personally think that Apple broke the ice for “micro soft”ware, the app concept. Before the Apple app store, mediocre software used to sell for double digit prices and came in a box that sat on a shelf and for a short period was available as a download from a website. Since the emergence of the Apple app store and the eradication of software piracy that it brings along with it, the software paradigm has shifted.

          At the enterprise level, software is also shifting in paradigm and turning more into a service.

          Microsoft has its work cut out for it in trying to penetrate the hardware or devices market with interesting enough and compelling value.

          Neither strategy requires the extinction of a generation or 2. They both require a good game plan and proper execution.

      • Guest

        The potential is there and even more so with the new h/w. But ultimately what makes it compelling is s/w apps from devs, and so far that’s been 2nd rate.

  • tomakali

    innovation is not about what a consumer want and how they want it…
    innovation is about “this is what i want”
    Apple did that with iPhone
    Microsoft did that with Windows/Phone/etc
    Nokia did that with Lumia

    Google is working on the other way…
    Use whatever you want, however you want
    its your right/freedom to use…
    and its our right/freedom to earn from whatever you do and however you do…

  • Guest

    That’s great they can show the future but what are they going to do with the present – MSFT store checks showing more employees then customer