Microsoft SkyDrive Announces Improved Sharing And Drag-and-drop Support

Microsoft team today announced the new improved sharing, drap-and-drop support and more.

  • You now have a single, unified view into how each of your files is shared so you can more easily control who has access to your files.
  • We’ve also added more HTML5 features for touch devices making the SkyDrive experience faster and more fluid across devices
  • And we’ve introduced more drag-and-drop capabilities to make it easier to manage your files, photos and documents.

Along with the above features, is now made even faster and more reliable and these features are releasing today and should be available in your SkyDrive soon. Read more about it in detail from source link below.


Source: Windows Blog

  • Big D

    SkyDrive is the superior cloud hosting service compared to Drop Box, Google, and iCloud. For my needs, at least…

    • Kitab

      True, very true. I even forget I have DropBox, sometimes, Using Skydrive exclusively. Thankyou Skydrive:)

  • blackhawk556

    I would love to see a video of a true power user using sky drive to its full potential. I use it to store files and pictures, that’s it. I don’t get why people get so worked up about sky drive/drop box and other online storage services. Is it just the benefit of having access/sharing your files from any web browser? Or is there some other big feature I haven’t discovered?

    • bnlf

      I really like a feature dropbox has that you can right click any file on your public folder and get a link to share right away. No need to open a browser. Its very handy other than that I don’t see any other advantage.

  • surilamin

    You think they could get someone to update the damn calendar.

    • WixosTrix

      Lol right. What’s the hold up.

  • Zicoz

    Is there a way to “share with group”? When try to share I only get the option to share over Email, Facebook/Twitter or “get a link”, but I would really like a way to share with groups on Live.

  • Matt Gowen

    The best thing about SkyDrive for me is the developing Web Apps. They truly integrate. With a reasonable internet connection, you have office on your iPad in the browser. Works well. No need to use “restricted” free accounts on sites like SurveyMonkey any more – Excel Surveys are free, unrestricted and great!

  • Tips_y

    I use SkyDrive a lot, and now almost exclusively, so I’m glad they’re adding more features!