Microsoft Skype Confirms Upcoming Video Messaging Feature

Microsoft Skype recently confirmed its upcoming video messaging feature via its updated legal terms. Unlimited video messaging feature will be offered to Skype Premium subscribers who pay about $9 per month.

“If you are a Skype Premium subscriber you can … send and receive an unlimited number of Video Messages and any Video Messages you send and/or receive shall have no expiry date,”

Even if you are not a Skype Premium subscriber, you can send limited video messages and receive unlimited video messages. Also the video messages sent received by non-premium subscribers will expire after 90 days.

“As a non-Skype Premium subscriber any Video Message you send or receive will expire within 90 days, except for Video Messages received from a Skype Premium subscriber or where you upgrade to a Skype Premium subscription before the 90 day expiry period ends, and in either case the Video Message shall cease to have an expiry date.”

Source: IT World

  • the person

    That’s fair. But they REALLY need to offer services that compete with Google Voice.

    • sonus

      How does it not compete with Google Voice?

      • the person

        I can’t get my own number, set up call blocking for that number, or setup personalized greetings.

  • Drewidian

    What I’d like to know is when will Skype come to the XBox 360? This would IMHO make the communication ecosystem whole, bringing the living room into the Skype ecosystem.

  • Tom Oakley

    If they could integrate this into phones, and market it to be better than facetime this would be a killer feature