Microsoft-Skype Deal Closed

Today, Microsoft completed the acquisition of Skype after getting approvals from various law agencies around the world including European Commission. As the deal completed, Skype will now operate as seperate division under Microsoft. So expect Skype integration across Microsoft’s product offerings soon.

  • Jordan Zielin

    Does that mean we can finally get Lync er..¬† Lync/Skype apps on our wp7 ūüėõ

    • Monkey D Black

      lets see how long its going to take for those¬†apps and integration to be released.¬†here’s to hoping its soon¬†

      • Anonymous

        I am hoping for full integration in one of the two Tango updates for Windows Phone. An app is nice, but nothing beats integration.
        Furthermore, Skype connecting to Windows Live Messenger and Facebook and control everything from the Windows Live Messenger client. One desktop app to rule them all. Cant wait! :)

  • Monkey D Black

    2 days ago i installed Skype and¬†in “options” of the installer it had¬†options to install google chrome selected by default and wanted to¬†make it the default browser and to make the default search. now today i installed¬†Skype on a different machine and in options, low and behold there were no¬†options to install Google chrome (i’m happy for this because¬†i hate when installers auto select additional things that i¬†don’t want installed on my system. i mean, if i wanted it installed i¬†would’ve had it installed already.) glad to see the change tho. lol. i¬†was surprised, i even stopped the install because i thought i missed the option to unselect the additional installs.¬†

  • Anonymous

    what will be slower, MS bringing skype to windows phone? Or molasses going down a hill?

    • Monkey D Black

      surprisingly molasses flows down hill pretty fast if its a lot. however, if its drip drip drip then no, it wont go fast. i guess what i’m trying to say is, don’t underestimate molasses or microsoft

  • elevatingyourbusinesss

    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of Microsoft’s acquisition for a few reasons, including watching the integration into MS products.¬†

    I am hoping to see two things more quickly though:

    1)¬†“any type” of customer service on Skype.¬† I’m interested in purchasing some services, but there has never been anyone to speak to.

    2) a way to tape calls made on Skype to also include the desktop.  I have found  a service that offers this product to purchase, but again, they have no customer service.