Microsoft Skype Updates Windows Client With New Toolbar & eGifting

Skype for Windows egifting

Microsoft today announced updates for its Windows and Mac clients. The Windows Skype version 6.2 brings a new toolbar and eGifting.

New Toolbar:

All key actions are in one place – we simplified the User Interface so that all the key actions you used to have above and below the contacts list are now in one location.

eGifting: Send a gift of credit to anyone on their birthday

When you get a birthday notification you can choose to gift someone with credit on their birthday. They can use the credit to call you or anyone they care about, at any time.

Download the new version now.

Source: Skype

  • Martin Spierings

    Hmm i’m curious what that toolbar is all about. Any screenshots?

    • RadiusK

      Check the source link, they have screens including the toolbar.

  • RadiusK

    Installed the update… Toolbar is okay, HOWEVER many of my Messenger contacts (not Skype contacts) now have messed up display names (~about 40 of them are simply named ‘Q’ now, some have other weird names). Plus I think I am not receiving every message from these contacts. Did not have these problems before (manually) installing this update, so I am advising to sit this update out 😛 (until they resolve the issue).

    By the way on both the W8 client and my contacts still have good names/labels so I think it’s a problem in the desktop client only.

  • frankwick

    Looks like it is getting cleaner. They have a long way to go until it is clean as the Win8 Metro version.

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