Microsoft Skype’s Global Head Gurdeep Singh Pall Talks About His Early Life, Bill Gates, Microsoft And More

Gurdeep Singh Pall, Global Head of Skype and VP at Microsoft gave an interview to Day & Night News Consulting Editor Khushwant Singh on Fair & Square. He commented on Bill Gates that, “The most powerful man in the world in technology has no ego.” He worked at Microsoft on some significant projects like Windows ’95, Windows XP, Wi-Fi and Bing. In this interview, he talks about his early life in India, career at Microsoft and future of technology in our world. Asked about how the world would have been the world without Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, he said the following,

“There are some secular trends in the industry which are immutable; they will happen regardless of whether certain people are there or not.”

“If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weren’t there, these things would have taken a lot longer to converge because you would have ended up with lots of fragmented solutions which would compete among themselves and there would be inefficiency.”

Spend some time and watch the interview, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Marco Gomes

    Skype for windows phone SUCKS!

    • Bob


      • Bugbog

        Design is fine, it just needs to be much… better. I haven’t used it for video, but messaging does need significant improvement. Issues experienced:

        – Notification and numbering of incoming message (a la SMS), but on clicking the message bar or the Skype icon, even if already open in the background, takes you to the sender name, not the message, then..

        – Message does not immediately display in the message stream; takes anything from 5mins to 20mins to display an already received message!

        – messaging is not instantaneous (like SMS), there’s a [timed] delay of 6 – 10mins from send to receipt. Separate from issue no.2!

        – There’s a reason why SMS displays separate Sender & Recipients to either side; makes it easier/more convenient to read!

        The above issues, coupled with the fact that, unlike WhatsApp, Skype doesn’t import, sort or match your contacts list. Despite now being integrated with Window 8/WP8 it still makes you jump through hoops just to bring in new contacts!

        Just my personal issues with it.

        • Eolirin

          None of that is entirely true, but what you’re experiencing is a result of bugs with the cloud sync. Messages absolutely *will* display immediately, as will sent messages, but not with 100% consistency. Contacts *do* sync between devices, but again, the cloud syncing isn’t completely consistent, it can take a while for things to propagate. So those things do happen, but hardly all the time. And the amount of time you’re claiming is also very high for what actually happens; one of the things that worsens the syncing is the app being in suspend so that’s the only way I can imagine you seeing times that long; when you actually go to send messages, delay time should never be more than a few minutes. Which, granted, is still a huge huge problem.
          They’ve said they’re working on it, and it needs to be fixed ASAP. Right now it makes the program nearly useless for messaging, because you can’t be sure that you’re not missing messages or that your messages are being received. Even a 1 or 2% failure rate on messages showing up immediately is unacceptable for a messaging app.

  • JimmyFal

    This is the first exec that has stated that this holiday was “huge” for Windows tablets. I’d love to see the numbers reflect that. Very curious to see if they really didn’t order enough Surface tablets for Xmas, or was there really that much demand.