Microsoft Slams Android Tablets As Unsecure, Unproductive, & Uneasy To Use In White Paper For Governments

Microsoft has written a white paper for governments warning them of the ‘hidden costs’ in using android tablets.  In this time of economic downturn, a dwindling tax base, austerity measures and a the paradox of deficit spending governments are looking to save money where they can and it is understandable how appealing a cheap Chinese android tablet may be.  Consider the following: a cheap hooker and an expensive escort ultimately achieve the same goal, but you get what you pay for.

A recent white paper from Microsoft compares Android vs Windows devices and shows that Windows devices are a superior choice, offering better security, a more productive experience for users AND an improved ability for IT to manage mobile devices WITHIN the boundaries of existing PC cost structure and technical infrastructure.

The paper looks at four areas critical to public sector and education – Ease of Use, Security, Productivity and Lifecycle – and found that Android-based solutions fall short on many aspects. Two points emphasized in the white paper is the incredible fragmentation of the Android ecosystem and the significant difficulties to update and secure devices makes Android devices a risky proposition to consider. By contrast, the paper shows how Windows devices offer the path of least resistance for adoption of tablets for any organization that is serious not only about achieving mobility benefits, but also securing valuable (and often confidential) business information and controlling the IT costs.

Read the paper below:


  • arrow2010

    Sounds like MS in the swing of another FUD campaign. How are Android tablets any less secure then a Windows tablet? Where’s the proof? Also as far as “familiar experience” – that is more FUD. People are already used to the iOS experience using iPads at work and using an Android tablet is MORE familiar NOW then using Windows 8/RT.

    • bingu

      you come across as a butt-hurt lagdrioder – read the whitepaper, and you’ll get the answers you seek.

      • arrow2010

        I’ve read the white paper and it’s filled with half-truths and outright lies.

        • V.A.N.

          And it’s written by Microsoft

          • nohone

            Believe everything that Google and Apple writes, because the should be believed beyond a shadow of a doubt. Apple says that OSX is the most advanced OS in the world? It must be true because they would not lie – even though at the same time they claim that iOS is the most advanced OS in the world (one company claiming that two OSes is the most advanced in the world). Google puts out a study that says that their search service is the most secure, it must be, because Google funded the study, and how could they be wrong.

            Meanwhile, nothing Microsoft says should be trusted because they are run by Ballmer, and he likes to kidnap and eat children for breakfast, and he is therefore an evil person and so is Microsoft.

        • PoliTecs

          The read it again! How about this, Google is stealing your Bill of Rights. Good enuf!?

    • John Google

      Take any Android device and with a simple root tools anyone with limited computer skills can hack them. We do in my office all the time just to show
      people how easy it is.

      • arrow2010

        What is the relevance of that in an office environment? Tablets will be kept under lock & key, they will not be hacked by anyone…

        • DigTheNoise

          They are unusable if kept under lock and key.

        • Guest

          You realize that with each comment you’re simply displaying your technical ignorance and more specifically your lack of insight into corporate IT, right?

        • NGM123

          Sorry, that response was an epic failure

        • Drewidian

          Normally I don’t weigh in on these comments, but I’ll give you a few reasons why we won’t use them in our environment as a systems engineer.

          1) Android tablets are easily hackable/rootable making them unsuitable for security of the device. The tablets by definition are designed to be mobile and thus never really under lock and key. That portability will mean that we can expect that several will be lost/stolen and since they are easily accessed pose a significant threat. Android phones aren’t really any better in most of our opinions.

          2) Hardware/software has lackluster long term support. We typically buy devices with the expectation that they will have support for 3-5 years. With Enterprise Windows Devices this is practically a guarantee, but unrealistic with Android and even iOS for that matter. I don’t know of any device other than a Windows tablet that comes close to meeting this criteria for the foreseeable future.

          3) Enterprise software and hardware manageability. Right now to manage a heterogeneous environment you need at least 2 or sometimes 3 different management tools since Windows will have to be a part of that environment still. is it worth the headaches, extra staff, Infrastructure resources and cost for additional SW? Maybe for some, but not our environment.

          I’m just saying that Android just isn’t ready for prime time and iOS isn’t useful in a multitasking environment where you need to have access to more than one app at a time. To me and most of my team neither are really ready for prime time in the enterprise.

        • Sugadevan

          this reply is a BIG FAIL, u should stop replying after this fail, u don’t know anything and its disgusting of you to continue bashing others for you ignorance!

      • Jimmy_Jangle

        Hear hear

      • Dave

        Hmmmm WP7 can be rooted and heathcliff is about to launch WP8 root tools…….

        Im sure you can add this to your office routine……..asshole

    • nohone

      I love this story, because it shows the hypocrisy of people like arrow and the internet in general.
      A few days ago, Timmy Cook said that he said that he felt that the iPhone was better than the competition, and then went on to attack the competition. And the internet as a whole said something like “What do you expect him to say? That he thinks he is not as good as the competition?” Now, when Microsoft does the same they are accused of spreading a FUD campaign.
      A few days ago, there were stories about how a large percentage of Android apps were infected with spyware. The internet spoke up as one, saying that it is the user’s responsibility to not download those apps, Android is not insecure, and no software is completely secure. Here we see people demanding proof that Windows tables are not secure.
      There are continuous claims about how RT/8 is a failure because it cannot run desktop Windows apps, and people are unfamiliar with it because a single menu is missing. And yet, Android and iOS use the same exact paradigm to launch apps, but somehow people are familiar with that.
      Really, all you are missing is the complaint about how there are no apps for RT and people will not use the devices without apps, and then go on to ignore how there are millions of Windows apps.

      • arrow2010

        There are not “millions” of Windows apps. At best there might be 10K available downloadable/purchasable Win32 applications for consumers.

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          So you’re gong on record to say that there are not millions of legacy MS-DOS and Windows 1.0 through to 8 applications that can’t run on a Win8 tablet….?

          • arrow2010

            There might be a few thousands of those at most.

          • Jimmy_Jangle

            OK, clearly you have no idea then. Just wanted to be sure.

        • nohone

          Yep, sure, keep believing that.
          All I see is someone who supposedly abhors “FUD,” has no problem spreading his own.

          • arrow2010

            at least Apple gives us their app count. There is no verifiable count of Win32 apps out there.

          • Jimmy_Jangle

            Yes for iOS, but do you see a count for MacOS apps?? Your argument is moot.

          • nohone

            Actually, on Jan 7, 2010 Microsoft did give a number:

            “There are 800,000 Windows 7 apps since beta and over 4,000,000 Windows apps.”
            So I guess if we are to believe Apple when they give a number, then we must believe Microsoft when they give their number also, right?

          • nohone

            BTW, I like how you are ignoring all that other information I posted, and focusing on the app count.

          • Guest

            Fuck are you stupid. Why keep proving it?

        • DigTheNoise

          100K … OMG, talk about spreading misinformation. There are easily millions of Windows apps. At CES a few years ago, it was announced there were around 4 million known apps — who knows how many when you throw in all the free utilities and custom applications.

          • Harvey

            Can I run these on my RT tablet and where do I get them ?

          • spazinvader

            If you have followed the entire thread of the comment before you, you will know that you will know that they are talking about win32 apps. To my knowledge, no RT tablet would support them.

            Or are you just jumping in to troll?

          • DigTheNoise

            You can’t run them all on your RT, but you should be able to run quite a few on your Surface Pro — it’s going to depend on the app … there are millions of Windows apps.
            You get apps online at sites like the Microsoft Store and Amazon. You can also buy apps at retail shops like Best Buy and Staples.

        • spazinvader

          Comparing apps in mobile OS and desktop OS???

          I guess you will be comparing size of the two OS’ next and say Android is better.

      • Bugbog

        This sort of hypocrisy is so pervasive in the media (internet/paper/tv), that it becomes some form of white noise that you just have to struggle to be heard over!

    • DoctorSnyder

      Android is a security disaster. Even worse than IOS. And from an Enterprise Perspective there is nothing that even comes close to 7/8/8.1 in regards of Manageability and Security. It’s time for people like you to open their eyes and at least try to understand why W8 and especially WP8 are so secure. Android and I Devices are handicapped Companion Devices, While RT and 8 devices are not.

      • Dave

        “And from an Enterprise Perspective there is nothing that even comes close to 7/8/8.1”

        erm is that the same WP 7 where you have to disable several EAS security policies to allow them to connect to exchange ?

        This is just more FUD from MS………

        • Dave

          hahaha downvoted for stating a fact about WP…..

          Sad site full of butthurt winphans

          Oh, how I remember they told us that Surface was going to demolish Android tablets…….how did that work out for you ?

          A $900m witedown you say !!!! lol

          • Wayne Sebbens

            Downvoted for being a pathetic flamebaiter. Is there really nothing more productive, fulfilling or excitable you could be doing with your life than trying to stir shit on a news site?

            The white paper is also about Windows, not Windows Phone. If you’re going to flamebait, at least try to be on topic

        • DoctorSnyder

          Dave, from reading your previous comments, you don’t really seem to have a clue what you are talking about. You seem to repeat the same things you read from others. This thing about WP7 is outright wrong. You should really inform yourself about things like the completely double sandboxed WP architecture, enterprise manageability and security features on both W8.x and WP7/8.x before making comments that make you look… . And I don’t know who came up with this story about unsafe WinP 7, but if one of my admins would be that stupid, I would ask him to start looking for another job.

          • Dave

            Here you better tell Microsoft then as you are such a clever asshole


            If you were an admin in my organisation and were (clearly) not aware of this and running insecure devices on my network, I would have you frogmarched out of the building.

            I have no time for amateurs with only MS certs to their name…….clueless idiots, I have never met an MS professional who actually understands how the software behind the buttons they click *actually* work.

          • DoctorSnyder

            Dave, this document is pathetic. Thanks for showing us how little you know about the matter. We can discuss this document in detail if you want.
            Your only resort is insulting others. nice.
            By the way… WP8 has built in MDM support, more supported policies and will be even further enhanced beginning of last year. That will bring it on one level in regards to manageability with the old Windows mobile OS – which had the most complete set of supported policies.

    • luca

      Work…. With an ipad…please… You can check email…surf…play majiong… But unless Your company have a dedicated app For whatever you do you CANT WORK with an iPad!!! Its just a massive iPhone!! I have one… I got it as a present and belive me I wish I had a surface….

    • Guest

      It really must be sad to be you. Every day trolling away tying to get people to notice you. How many years has it been so far?

    • NGM123

      Familiar experience is FUD all right.
      Lag & glitch is something android has mastered for themselves and it’s definitely a distinctive android only feature.

    • techieg

      I don’t think you understand what all this means and from your naïve questions I don’t even think you know a thing about the mobile space or Android and its all-round vulnerabilities to begin with. For one, Windows has all DoD, NIST, DISA security certifications whereas Android will NEVER smell any of them. Even Windows Phone just got all FIPS certifications. I will stop there so your head does not explode.
      Show me how people are productive at work with iPads. As an IT pro, I have seen people at work return their iPads with reasons such as “I can’t get any wor done with it”, “it does not provide access to anything I need to get work done”, etc. Furthermore, IT management is non-existent for any iProduct and Android but for random patchwork apps some come up with to capitalize on that weakness, which equals to total lack of security. There is no unified front/user experience for anything these devices deliver and certainly have nothing in the area of security offerings, whether built-in or additional offerings or viable updates other than one-offs here and there, not to talk of more than 50% malware apps in the Android app store. I don’t think I should keep going.

      • Dave

        Oh dear

        The US Military have approved android for military use….

        Quick you better go share your clearly superior knowledge with them lol

        fcking tool si what you are……

        PS “As an IT pro”…can you please enlighten us to your clearly massive IT skillset ?

  • DigTheNoise

    This paper is right on. Last year IT implemented a policy of no support for Android devices, and now Android devices are prohibited on the network. They are a time vacuum … both support and the amount of time users fart with them.

    • Harvey

      Your IT department must be terribly IT illiterate ?

      I suppose they wouldn’t know one end of a linux box from the other ?

      If not, you better look for a new job, the mobile/tablet war is over and MIcrosoft lost.

      • dontknow

        what about Linux? Linux is Linux, but the topic of concern here is tablets not servers.
        nice story though.

        • nohone

          It shows the delusional state these people live in. After 20 failing years they still think it is the year of Linux, Linux has won, Microsoft has lost, and all 12 of the Linux users need to repeatedly tell everyone about their little fantasy land.

          • Dave

            More Linux devices are now shipping than windows devices, so yes the year of Linux is here, soon 1 Billion people will have a Linux powered smartphone.

            Sure this site is running on Apache on Linux, so *YOU* are even using Linux and don’t realise it !

          • spazinvader

            In my view, Android is not Linux. Sure, it has Linux’s kernel. But what’s the point? It is more towards Windows OS than Linux in it’s essence.

            Android is controlled by Google, just like Windows* is controlled by Microsoft. How many freelancers are there who submit patches to the Android code outside Google? How many people really checked out Android and serving it to others? Heck, how many companies other than Google who can give their own version of Android OS(not just UI on top of Android, if you do not understand what I mean) along with the Play store? Amazon forked Android but was denied access to the Play store, remember?

            So if you say Android is Linux, we have to say OS X is only Unix. There is no essence of Linux in Android. I would say Firefox OS and Ubuntu for phones are the Linux to wait for. Definitely not Android.

          • Jimmyz


            “In my view, Android is not Linux. Sure, it has Linux’s kernel”

            Sums up your complete lack of knowledge my friend………

          • spazinvader

            My dear friend, please read a post/comment fully before commenting on them :-)

          • JReuben1

            nohone, my old friend !

            Every time you use Google, Twitter, Amazon or Facebook – you are using Linux.

      • DigTheNoise

        Nope. Our IT department is highly educated.

        Nope. We know Linux well — and Linux is a kernel, and Android an insecure distro. There are Linux distros we allow on our network, but not Android.

        I am very happy at my job, the people are great to work with and we’re growing. Your reasoning for leaving is flawed.

  • Rikikrik

    Well ignorance abounds a plenty Arrow1020. Internet Security Firms and the US government this year have posted different reports claiming that Android is the most targetted and insecure OS ever. 90% of Malware is targetted at Androids. Because of the open source character, it is by nature less secure. How can you be so ignorant Arrow1020??

    • Dave

      “Android is the most targetted and insecure OS ever”

      Ooops you forgot about windows…….

      • Grand Rapids Sucks

        Windows isn’t the most insecure OS ever. In fact today it’s arguably more secure that OSX or Linux. Most targeted historically? Probably. But that says more about the evolution of malware and Windows pervasiveness. Should MS have done more, sooner? Yes. But what’s Google’s excuse? They came after targeting mainstream OSes was widely understood as a threat. And yet Android is on track to surpass Windows in threats and more quickly.

        • Bugbog

          Google’s approach (to date), has been nothing more than a tactical ‘land share’ grab, pure and simple.

          All at the expense of consumers!

        • Dave

          “Windows isn’t the most insecure OS ever”

          hahahaah had to read that twice

          There sure a re some fcking dumb tossers on this site

          • Grand Rapids Sucks

            I’m surprised you can read, seeing as you can’t even spell.

          • Dave

            Is that *really* the best you could come up with ?

            I’m glad you are not contesting my valid points.

      • techieg

        Well, Windows is backed by not only its publisher by providing maintenance updates to keep it secure as well as anti-malware products, viable third parties also provide solutions. Whereas Android lacks any of this, which is telling by the more than 50% of its app store content bein malware. Don’t even get anyone started.

        • Dave

          “viable third parties also provide solutions”

          Yes Android has many to tier anti virus solutions, whereas WP has NONE

          In out organisation of 800 staff, we are EXCLUSIVELY Android (mostly samsung) and have very little problems.

          • Wayne Sebbens

            This is a white paper about tablets running the Windows desktop OS, not WP. Learn some relevancy

          • zahrans

            WP eh?

            what’s that got to do with this story?

          • Dave

            oh dear are Microsoft not using the same kernl in WP 8 as windows 8 ??

            Boom auctomatically 8 million viruses right there ?

          • Guest

            Um, technology halfwit, few if any viruses are at the kernel layer.

          • nohone

            You have just shown that you don’t understand anything about computers. Kernels do not have anything to do with viruses, it is the software that runs on top of the kernel that allows infection by a virus. It is not the Linux kernel that allows the 100s of thousands of apps that are viruses on Android, it is the Android software layer over top of it that allows all those viruses.

          • Dave

            Damn these stupid fuckers have never heard of a root kit……


          • nohone

            You can tell how true the article is by the number of personal attacks, distractions by going off topic, flat out lies, trolling, and just general whining by you and your friends and shows your lack of maturity.

            Oh, and you are wrong again – a root kit relies upon vulnerabilities in the software layer, vulnerabilities such as social engineering, hacked passwords, or a software vulnerability. A virus may modify a kernel, the BIOS, or some other layer, but there is no dependence on the kernel.

          • dontknow

            Dave you’re stupid. not that your dumb, but plain stupid.
            topic is all about tablets and you put your shit on problems that can be managed properly by IT teams in enterprises? if you do know a lot how security is handled in an enterprise, please create your own white paper and spread your shit like its the bomb.
            nice try though, but you won’t fool a lot a people here trolling around.

          • spazinvader

            Are you really dumb?

            Rootkit is a MALWARE. Not a virus. Or you don’t know the difference between them?

            Even if you take the number of rootkits, I am sure it is not 8 million.

          • zahrans


            you’ve just outed yourself as an idjut….

          • nohone

            For years people used virus scanners as a way of attacking Microsoft. Linux doesn’t need a virus scanner, Mac doesn’t need a virus scanner, but because Windows needs one it proves that it is not a secure OS. Not only that, but then there were claims that it hut computer performance, killed you battery on portables, and more.

            But Android gets virus scanners, it is a good thing, no mention of an insecure OS, not complaints about battery use by the virus app, no talk about it hurting performance. If fact, not having a virus scanner is a negative for Windows Phone. So damned if Microsoft does, damned if Microsoft did not.

            Of course, if Google would be proactive in trying to keep viruses off their store, then a virus scanner would not be much of a problem.

          • spazinvader

            “Yes Android has many to tier anti virus solutions, whereas WP has NONE”

            iOS doesn’t have many as well. Does that mean they are also insecure?

  • Rikikrik

    By the way, why do you think that Samsung is trying to make it’s Samsung Phones more secure with third party software???? Hahaha, what a laugh

  • Guest

    “a cheap hooker and an expensive escort ultimately achieve the same goal, but you get what you pay for”
    You sir, have a bright future in marketing 😉

    • surilamin

      Glad someone actually read the post haha. :) Most people only seem to read the headline.

    • Bugbog

      One will leave, discretely, the other will hang around afterwards, talking loudly and smoking!

      Guess which is which?! 😀 (Not that I’m talking from experience! :D)

      • Dave

        There is a 3rd type of hooker, and she is called WP

        She has herpes and HIV and is fugly as sin with her Metro make up, and has only one leg.

        But thankfully most people can recognise a pig in lipstick and 97% of punters avoid her like the plague

        • Guest

          There’s a fourth type: the one that wouldn’t do you even for money.

  • Elyl

    *”Insecure, unproductive, difficult to use”.
    Oh, and using prostitution analogies? Real classy.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Windows is trustworthy and familiar, ¿why change to an easy to hack system who’s only advantage in the market is ”having more apps”?

    • Johnny

      Hahahah “Windows is trustworthy ”

      Thanks for the laugh………

      It must be sad to be such a butthurt fanboi watching your masters empire crumble before you.

    • spazinvader

      Windows is neither trustworthy(closed source and reports regarding government agencies spying) nor familiar(metro is not familiar).

      And your point regarding Android is true. Enterprise users should be given secure systems and not systems which support lots of apps.

  • James Jangle

    Our IT department REFUSE to use windows phones or tablets as there is NO ANTI VIRUS software for them

    No device without anti virus protection is allowed to join our domain

    We trialled WP 7 a few years ago, but after we had to disable key security policies on our exchange box to allow WP to connect, our server was hacked……..

    It’s a good policy if you ask me

    • Mike366

      WP8 is different thing. It doesn’t need anti-virus software to be secure

    • DoctorSnyder

      James, your IT department doesn’t seem to have a clue. We have deployed strictly first WP7, them WP8 phones, because they are the safest options out there right now. Because of their completely double sandboxed Architecture, you don’t need virus scanners on them. And regarding the security policies – Your IT department apparently has no really good idea how to secure mobile devices for the enterprise.

      • James

        “Because of their completely double sandboxed Architecture, you don’t need virus scanners on them”

        SO you dont see even a problem in even forwarding a virus laden email to someone else ?


        “And regarding the security policies – Your IT department apparently has no really good idea how to secure mobile devices for the enterprise.”

        Sadly neither does Microsoft

        Quote – “It’s important to note that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) primarily was developed as a consumer device and not an enterprise device.”

        As I said…….Asshole

        • DoctorSnyder

          James, infected items and spam / malware should not even reach your mobile devices / mail clients. So there is clearly a hole in your security infrastructure – if you have one.
          Regarding WP and enterprise – your statement might be partly right for WP7 – certainly not for WP8. WP7 is still a good and secure choice for enterprise.
          No profanity needed here.

        • spazinvader

          “SO you dont see even a problem in even forwarding a virus laden email to someone else ?”

          If you let executables to reach mail clients in your infrastructure, you have to actually check your infrastructure rather than whatever OS you support.

          Besides, you will never know whether you will get any update(even security update) for your Android. You have such an OS adopted by your company?

  • WhatsThatMean

    “…a cheap hooker and an expensive escort…” provocative? How does misogyny help make your point exactly? Looks more like a cheap shot, and not one based on a great deal of experience. Heck, it’s not even a good analogy. You should retract with apologies to your readership (and your mother).

    • surilamin

      The word “hooker” and “escort” are both genderless terms. They can be male, female, transgendered, alien, etc.