Microsoft Slashes Surface RT Prices By ~30% In Various Countries

Microsoft Surface RT Available

Over the weekend, we reported about the price cuts for Microsoft Surface RT in US. The new price is now live in various other countries where Microsoft Surface is available. In US, Surface RT base model with 32GB storage is now available for just $349 down from its original price of $499. Surface RT with 64GB model costs $449. Both these models combined with Touch Cover/Type Cover costs $449 and $549 respectively.

In UK, Surface 32GB model now sells for £279 (down from £399) and the 64GB model sells for £359 (down from £479) and you can get touch/type covers for an additional £80. You can check your local Microsoft Store and retailers for the new price in your respective countries.

  • redtidal

    To me, RT isn’t a well defined product to start with, and it introduced a 3rd variation of Windows 8 (Full, RT, and Phone). Compare to other tablets, RT can do a lot more, but not everything. Most consumers are not well educated on how to distinguish the differences between RT and full version and likely end up disappointed. It didn’t help when MS keeps emphasis RT’s superiority on productivity, give some consumers false impression/expectation. And of course, there is always the nagging Apps problem.

    If from the beginning, MS was only to do two variation, full version and a tablet running Windows Phone 8, then people might have different expectations. And doing so probably can accelerate the integration of Windows and Windows Phone Apps.

    RT, again, just IMHO, doesn’t have a well defined role and serves no clear segment of the market.