Microsoft Sold More Than 750,000 Xbox 360 Consoles In The U.S Over Black Friday Weekend

Microsoft today shared some internal numbers regarding Xbox 360 platform sales performance over the Black Friday weekend. Microsoft sold over 750,000 consoles over the weekend in US alone. This number trumps the Nintendo next generation Wii U’s sales number of 400,000 units.

  • Xbox 360 sold more than 750,000 consoles in the U.S. alone –exceeding internal forecasts.
  • Three month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription sales increased more than 50 percent compared to last year’s Black Friday week.
  • We saw incredible activity on Xbox over the weekend. For example, on Sunday alone we had more than 14 million people on Xbox LIVE across the world, racking up more than 72 million hours of use in just one day.
  • Compared to 2011, we’ve seen a 43 percent increase in U.S. entertainment application hours logged on Xbox LIVE during the week of Black Friday. 

I think Nintendo is having tough time competing with Microsoft and Sony.

Source: Major Nelson

  • TimoTim19

    Wow! That’s pretty impressive.

  • HighDefJunkies

    That’s crazy for a 7 year old system. Really crazy.

    • the person

      No, not crazy for a system that is constantly supported by great quality updates on both the software AND the hardware. I have recieved more value out of the 360 than any other item I have ever owned.

      • HighDefJunkies

        Agree! i honestly haven’t played or bought a game on it in two years. I use it for entertainment. That’s why I really want them to make a XboxTv.

        • koenshaku

          Well I have just bought some games during black Friday sales. Otherwise I would say I agree ^^

  • blackhawk556

    if the Outdoor channel was ever added to Xbox live, I would never get cable. :-)

  • Dime09

    Microsoft is killing it!

  • Smity Smiter

    Nintendo and MS are mentioned, so how many PS3s?