Microsoft Starts Off “The Surface Movement” With A New Wonderful TV Ad

Microsoft today started their marketing of Surface in TV with their new ad. Earlier today Microsoft posted a time lapse video showing the making of Surface street art. This is just start of the $400 million marketing campaign Microsoft has planned for the upcoming Surface.

What do you think of this first TV ad?

  • the person

    i think they need to stop with the dubstep riffs. Dubstep is so sold out it isn’t even funny.

    • SteveyAyo

      Wasnt an ounce of dubstep in this commercial… this was drumline with a little bit of electronic.

    • Juan Barinas

      Dubstep is the truth.

      • Wheez

        Only the truth of bad music 😀

    • Pookiewood

      I totally missed the dubstep in this video…….oh wait there wasn’t any!

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu you little fag

  • Ilias Jennane

    Love it

  • Njoi Fontes

    Uau awesome add, really loved it.

  • just

    Wow very nice!

  • Breakingillusions

    amazing ad can’t wait
    screen and colors looks really great

  • PoohGQ

    OK! I love this ad! I hope MS will back surface all the way to domination..

  • guesttt999

    They need to air this on all TV channels in between all the hit shows and games! Amazing ad Microsoft!

    • Mr.InTernaTionaL

      Apparently they have during Monday Night Football…

  • textomatic


  • Juan Barinas


  • darthtigris

    …. you know, that was really well done. It really stands out. And it’s not an Apple-clone commercial or one that takes digs. Mission accomplished indeed.

  • Randi Julio D. Haboc

    I think this is the coolest ad that Microsoft had ever done.

  • Biswash Thakuri

    Oct 26th, here i come.

  • Javier Livas

    NICE!!!. i want my surface.

  • Gary Brasco

    Looks like it was filmed at the old Ambassador College location in Pasadena, Ca where I went to school way too many years ago….

    • lol

      i bet you remember it because the dean made you suck his cock

  • santhosh

    Does anyone else think the main guy in this ad kinda looks similar to the ‘mac’ guy in the apple commercials?? Maybe subtly meant to convey that surface is a cool kids product too? Oh am not a iFan by the way so don’t flame me. Just conveying an observation

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu u fag

  • bigbangagain

    Peak’s the interest… good job.. Diffin’ly coo

  • bigbangagain

    They did miss something.. that the keyboard can serve as a cover .. it appears as a two piece only in the Ad..

    • Wheez

      I sorta thought about the same. The dancing schoolgirls did however have it folded back, but I dont think anyone had it on the screen.

  • Jon Rob

    But how much does it cost?

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    Super awesome commercial. Keep em’ coming Microsoft sell 20 million of em’ while you are at it..

  • Pookiewood

    That was awesome!

  • Smity Smiter

    Even though the ad doesn’t show any features or actual usage of the Surface, it was a good ad. I liked it, “entertaining”.

  • elRamiro10

    I’m a long time MS fan, but this commercial doesn’t do it. I’m you’re targeting a younger audience, it’s okay, I guess… I’m only 28. The 1st commercial needed to be… WOW! I want that… they KEYBOARD this to be marketed as an extra feature…not the MAIN feature!… I hate to be negative, but I remain hopeful MS marketing will get this right one day… they best marketing is the Xbox, other than that… they are horrible!

    • elRamiro10

      Opps… I meant *If you’re targeting… and *the, not they…

  • Erick

    Finally…a tablet that is not limiting me!!!! Cannot wait!!!

  • Shyloooh

    Good ad. I like the other one as well which I’ve also seen during the football games. Man I wish the price for the surface was cheaper but I sucked it up and pulled the trigger. Now I hope it arrives on time while I’m off.

  • page

    I’m a graduate of Ambassador College… am I seeing things?? Was this filmed there??!!!