Microsoft Steeetview coming to Europe, courtesy of Nokia’s Navteq


A persistent complaint we hear is that Microsoft’s services, for a global company, is extremely US-centric. Hopefully their partnership with Nokia will help change it.

One of the first fruits of that collaboration is that Microsoft Steetview, their Google Streetside competitor, is coming to Europe, courtesy of Nokia’s Navteq mapping cars (pictured above).

Microsoft will apparently start by snapping London between March and June 2011, according to their schedule here, and unlike Streetside will not aim to map the whole city and all the streets in the country, but will stick to the business district and tourist attractions, ostensibly to protect privacy, but a limitation which I feel will reduce the value of the project immensely.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have earlier said that mapping technology will be one of the lynchpins of their collaboration, with Microsoft planning to use it for location-based advertising and the two planning to share the profits.

Read more about the project at MyMicrosoftLife and BBC News here.

  • Johan Nilsson

    Wait a minute?…
    Streetside? I dont give a F about streetview. I just want Maps to FIND ADDRESSES IN SWEDEN!!! And now they are going to spend the summer taking Streeside pictures of London? WTF?! Am I missing something here? How slow can it go? Where are the priorities?

    I thought MS was going to integrate the OVI-maps data of Euro-streets and restaurants etc with their database?
    I guess I’l have to wait until 2020.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure we will see that kind of integration soon and well before 2020 :) The deal between Microsoft and Nokia has not been finalized yet.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe they’re doing both, and this was the sexier story so it got the headlines???


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