Microsoft still cancelling Surface pre-orders


While many Microsoft fans are already playing with their Surface tablets, quite a few are not having such a good time, and are still waiting for theirs to be delivered.

Many buyers have had no notification about the status of their orders, and quite a few are having their orders cancelled, without any real explanation.

Mark from is one of the later, having received this email.

I ordered mine on 10/18 and it was cancelled by Microsoft on 10/27:

The following item(s) have been cancelled from your order:

Product SKU: Z2S-00002

Product Name: Surface HD Digital AV Adapter Qty Ordered: 1 Reason for cancellation: Other

Product SKU: 9HR-00026

Product Name: Surface with Windows RT

Qty Ordered: 1

Reason for cancellation: Other

While I think there is too much goodwill amongst the Microsoft community to call this a botched launch, Microsoft is in the unusual position of having product that is in extreme demand, and it would be good for all involved to satisfy this demand as smoothly as possible, which has not been the case so far.

Have any of our readers had their orders cancelled? Let us know below.

Thanks Mark for the tip.

  • juwagn

    Yes my Order was cancelled to. Preordered a Surface with cyan Cover. I’m from Germany.

  • Guest

    Im also from Germany.. Did MS charged your money, or just canceled the order? I preorder 32GB bundle 18.10 and have no info about it, site says that its in process. Help guy on chat has no clue:/ But at least yesterday they charged my CC, so hope its good sing…

  • Thomas Adams

    Is noone at Microsoft available to comment on the reasons? “Other” is not exactly a good reason for cancellation, no?

    • Stuart Downes

      I just spoke to Microsoft Store about my cancellation and they were completely in the dark. The guy on the phone confirmed it wasn’t a problem with payment but said there was nothing on their file to indicate why the order had been cancelled.

  • PsyllO

    yaay it’s xbox360 launch all over

  • Stephen W

    not cancelled but is still down as being processed I ordered on the 20th and have not received a email explaining anything

  • John Packwood

    They gave u a reason,other.

  • Agha

    The situation is really annoying. I wrote on Facebook-site of MS-Store –> No official coment. Just one guy saying just chill. I pre-order on day one first minute. But still no information about delivery. Called MS Store 4 Times. Everytime another story. No One knows anything. Its like I called somewhere and a 3 year old kid pik up the phone. MAN MS Store you SUCK!!! They didnt even tell me if Im going to get one or not. I pospone my notebook purchase just for the surface (I know Sirface RT ist not a notebook, I just need it for office stuff) and now Im stitting with nothing. I would switch to Asus Tab if they would tell that Im not getting one. MS STORE YOU SUCK so much.
    A very annoyed german customer

    • Agha

      BTW: My Online Bill States: Delivery until 26th….

    • Ludwig Hildmann

      I feel your pain! I checked on if the payment has gone though and it says that it has, I hope this is a good sign aswell! It should be at least it means our orders weren’t cancelled right? And yes, my online bill still states delivery until 26th…

      • Agha

        Thanks for for your sympathy! Lets hope we get ours tomorrow or at least tuesday.

        • Ludwig Hildmann

          I hope so too mate! I only have 1,5hours of university tomorrow so I’ll be waiting anxiously! Post here or on twitter if you get yours mate! (my twitter is @ludwighildmann)

          • Agha

            No Surface today but a 50€ coupon. Love MS Again. Will tweet you as soon as I have mine in hand..

  • Mike Asséraf

    I ordered mine on the 17th of October, since, the status is showing “Order Submitted”… Nothing more…

    I called MS Store on Friday and the guy there told me I would receive a shipping confirmation on Saturday with the FedEx tracking number… Since then, nothing in my inbox… I was expecting to see the surface shipped on the 26th of October so a friend of mine could bring it from New York for me (I live in Israel)… Now my friend came back to Israel and I have to find someone in New York coming to Tel Aviv… Even if right now I don’t even know what if I can expect to see my shipped anytime soon… I love MS, but there is a limit :)

  • hysonmb

    I talked to employees at 2 different stores, they still have some in stock. This isn’t immediately helpful for those who don’t live close to one, but, if you know someone who does maybe you can pay them to pick one up and ship it to you.

  • Ericldn

    The exact same thing happened to me, and it wasn’t a stock issue as I’d ordered the 64GB version. What it is is that if there’s a problem with payment -such as a bank’s security check for instance where you would normally have to call them to assure them that it’s indeed you making the payment if you were making the payment yourself, Microsoft simply cancels the order. No call or email to state that there is a problem with payment: I had to call them to figure that one out and in the end re-order a new one -which I’m still waiting for. It’s very bad business practices and whilst it’s not their fault if the bank request a security check -those are so annoying- it is theirs for not allowing the customer to remedy the situation.

    • Ian Too

      This is what happened to me, so I rang my bank to make sure the payment would go through. Then I called Microsoft and asked them to resubmit the order, but they said they don’t have that facility. Can’t say I’m impressed with that.

      • Ericldn

        Yes, once it’s cancelled it’s cancelled. Got to order a new one, with added delivery times. It completely suck considering I’d pre-ordered it on day one. My ‘Apple’ friends are having a complete laugh, and quite rightly so.

  • techieg

    Well, its going to be filed under “lessons learned” so they know what to do in such sudden high product demand., which is different from high demands of their other products over time.

    • disqustingtard

      Learnt. Now you are learned.

  • cris178

    I hope they don’t cancel mine I already received my touch cover. What a waste.

  • Henrik Erlandsson

    I ordered the the 17th from Germany (to Sweden). I contacted them the 25th because I _wanted_ to cancel. Reason was that I could not decide on Surface or the Lenovo Thinktablet 2. Anyway, the did not let me cancel because they said they were in processing and packaging. Stil my status online is “In process” with no sign of delivery.

  • I0276

    One should
    add that Microsoft is experiencing an ongoing PR disaster here in Germany.

    For days
    they keep telling their wannabe customers the weirdest stories about what is
    going on. Either it is technical problem, or a credit card issue, or they
    simply do not know. Posting questions on MS Germany’s Facebook page is not much
    of a help, too. They simply do not respond.

    Worst of
    all, this kind of behavior is not limited to customers who ordered a Surface.
    Obviously MS is also having severe problems emailing product keys to customers
    who purchased the download version of Windows 8. Those lucky enough to get a
    product key were issued with invalid product keys. Help, assistance, answers
    from Microsoft. None.

  • PJ

    It’s possible it was cancelled due to the credit card. Right after I placed my order, my card company called to determine if the charge was legitimate or not. If you do not confirm, and MS tries to charge the card upon shipment and it is declined, it is most likely cancelled. I’ve ran into the same problem with Dell several times and ended up with cancelled orders.

  • alloam

    Yep, I’m in the same boat as others here. Ordered on day one, no correspondence to explain there may be a payment error before an email saying the order was cancelled. Lots of time on the phone with the support staff from MS and it was the same problem with the credit card company.

    I can understand that these issues happen, but what I find really irritating is that no attempt was made to contact customers to allow them an opportunity to remedy the situation before the order was cancelled. Poor show. I haven’t ordered another one. Still pondering what to do.

  • karri

    I get the email too. now i dont want a surface tablet at all.

  • Gavin Tom

    damn digital river really dropped the ball on this one.

  • himura_kenshin

    Well, I pre-ordered my Surface and Type Cover on day one. They delivered late on Friday 10/26. However, I got a defective unit – it doesn’t recognize that the Type Cover is attached. I drove to a Microsoft pop-up store the next day to diagnose the problem – if it was a bad Type Cover or Surface. Sadly, it’s the Surface and the store was completely sold out *and* even if they did have extra units, they are unable to process a return at the store for an item purchased from the web.

    I called MS and reported the problem. They’re sending me out a replacement unit (should arrive middle of the week). Once I get the new unit and confirm that it works, I just have to send back the defective one at Microsoft’s cost.

    While it’s nice to have the unit, I really wanted to show it off at work. However, having a defective unit really makes it hard to demo.

  • disqustingtard

    Gosh if you guys are so upset about a slow delivery, how are you going to feel in two months when Surface Pro is released…

  • francis

    same here, pre ordered on 20th Oct and no news since then…. only email i got was order submitted.. with order number…. come on microsoft we support you and this is what we get…

  • Valkyrie-MT

    My Surface RT arrived on Launch day (October 26). Although, on launch day I woke up early, planning to go to a store to get one because I thought it had not shipped. But, when I woke up, I checked my e-mail before leaving and found a few e-mails from MS sent at 4AM that morning stating that my order had shipped! And another with the tracking information showing that it had actually shipped directly from China on October 22 via FedEx! I had no idea it was coming because MS never sent a single message or tracking number until the day it was to arrive. I got the Surface + touchcover. It is a beautiful device and works well. So, it could be that if your order is not cancelled, it may be about to show up!

  • Adriano Gelatone

    Microsoft sent out excuse emails to german customers with 50€ voucher (microsoft store). No reasons given. Only delivery will be not in time. Sorry for that … Voucher cannot be used for Windows 8 Download items.

  • Stuart Downes

    Ordered on the 23rd, just had my order cancelled. However, the pre-authorisation against my card is still in place, so I can’t even submit a new order. There goes my birthday present to myself.

  • Stuart Downes

    After two days of digging I have finally found what has caused my cancellation, which I suspect goes for some other people as well.
    When I placed my pre-order on the 23rd, Microsoft Store pre-authorised my card for the amount. When they came to process the order on the 29th, rather than debit the amount against the pre-authorisation they made a fresh charge against the card. Because I didn’t have over £1,100 credit on that card the second transaction was declined and the order cancelled. However, the original pre-authorisation is still in place, holding my funds; the bank cannot cancel it until Microsoft try to debit against it and I make an objection, and the Microsoft Store people cannot cancel it because as far as they are concerned the order has already been cancelled.
    I need to wait 7 business days for the pre-authorisation to lapse and in the meantime I have no Surface, no access to my money and a rather disappointing lack of a birthday present to myself.

  • dave yeager

    just another example of why Microsoft is outclassed by apple. multiple attempts to get my order fixed have met with failure. attempts online show the website crashing. attempts to talk with completely untrained personnel on their 877 number have also failed. maybe Microsoft should just admit they’ve lost it and admit they can’t deliver on their promises. ordering someone elses box today with the knowledge that getting away from Microsoft products is key. Apple, here I come.

  • Bradley Stein

    I had the same problem, and it looks like the bank’s fraud alert was triggered by the fact that Microsoft split the order into separate orders rather than one single charge. Could also have something to do with the hold issue Stuart noted below (good research). I confirmed the account has ample funds, so it is not being declined for that reason, but I will have to wait to speak to the bank. My order was thus auto-cancelled, and they have no option to correct it, so I was told the only option is to submit a new order and I am now told it will take 5-6 weeks to get the machine.
    VERY frustrating. VERY bozo on Microsoft’s part.
    P.S. – PJ, Comparing to Dell is not a good sign as I have permanently removed Dell from my list of vendors due to MASSIVE and consistent problems with their service and ordering process. They actually screwed up the last 4 orders I made with them, and I finally lost it when they sent some memory I ordered for my mother to a random person in Texas (which is nowhere near my mom in NJ), and they insisted that *I* had to track the memory down and get it returned to them to get it re-delivered. In defense of Microsoft, this is the only order they ever screwed up for me, but boy did they hose it in a big way.

    • Bradley Stein

      Good to see they learned their lesson with the Pro 4 now… SARCASM